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Stopra AC

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So Roxas_L might find this deck familiar because he is the creator of Stopra Aggro.

The speed combo is still the same Moogle lvl 1 + Destiny Islands -> The King -> Donald lvl 4 -> Stopra. However it's not meant for pure Aggro, it's also for control.

Riku lvl 3 - Strongest Aggro Player Card/ Soul Eater

Friends 23
Level 0 -8
1x Owl - Stops Magical Friends like Tink.
2x Tidus - Destory Sebastion or Owl
The King - Search Donald / Simba fooder
Gepetto - Seach Pinnocchio / Simba fooder
The Mayor - Search Jack / Simba fooder
Chip and Dale - Discard Pile Recycle

Level 1 -8
2x Pinicchio - Hand Destruction
2x Phil - Magic Jammer/ High Suppor
Jack - Support/ Bridge
Tigger - Support
Cid - Card Renewal
Moogle - Play Don lvl 4 off the bat

Level 2 -4
Jack - Bridge/Support/Caster
2x King Triton - Bridge/Support
Fairy Godmother - Search Simba

Level 3 - 3
Jack - Bridge/Support/Caster
Beast - Support
Hercules - Cage Bounce/Support

Level 4 - 2
Sephiroth - Aggro Support
Donald  - Stopra Search

Magical Friends 3
Level 3
2x Simba - Friend Denial
Bambi - Draw

Magic 1
Stopra - Draw

Attack 5
3x Soul Eater - Damage
Oblivion - Support
Ultima Weapon - Support/Draw

Dark (Block) 9
2x Barrel Spider - Damage
3x Behemoth - Friend Denial
3x Parasite Cage - Friend Denial
1x Captain Hook - Pan and Tink Denial

World 6
3x Destiny Islands
3x Monstro lvl 1

Total 48

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