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Selling LCG Collection

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Looking to sell my collection of Thrones cards.  I will be at Gencon or would be willing to ship them.  I live in WI.  I haven't touched them in a year and only played with the cards in sleeves so they are in excellent condition.  I'd like to get $250 for the complete collection.

Core Set x3
Princes of the Sun (Original) x1.5
Lords of Winter x1
Kings of the Storm x1
Kings of the Sea (Revised) x1
Queen of Dragons x1

A Clash of Arms
War of the Five Kings x3
Ancient Enemies x3
Sacred Bonds x3
Epic Battles x3
Battle of the Ruby Ford x3
Calling the Banners x3

A Time for Ravens
A Song of Summer x3
The Winds of Winter x3
A Change of Seasons x3
The Raven's Song x3
Refugees of War x3
Scattered Armies x3

King's Landing
City of Secrets x3
A Time of Trials x3
Tower of the Hand x3
Tales of the Red Keep x3
Secrets and Spies x3
The Battle of Blackwater Bay x3

Defenders of the North
Wolves of the North x3
Beyond the Wall x3
A Sword in the Darkness x3
The Wilding Horde x3
A King in the North x3
Return of the Others x3

Brotherhood Without Banners
Illyrio's Gift x1
Rituals of R'hllor x1
Mountains of the Moon x1
A Song of Silence x1
Of Snakes and Sand x1
Dreadfort Betrayal x1

Secrets of Oldtown
Gates of the Citadel x1
Forging the Chain x1
Called by the Conclave x1

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