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A few Novgorod questions

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I played a game today with some friends for the first time using Novgorod and a few concerns came up. First off how do the Voivodes move? It says they move in synchronized pairs; does that mean that Voivodes A/B move together on the same turn or do they have seperate turns? Also can they go their separate ways or do they have to stay near one another?

Another question is about Zor'ka's Magnifier. When you make an attack do you make one roll for each character it's attacking or do you treat it as a grenade where you make seperate rolls per target? Also, can it really just lay waste to the WHOLE path that Zor'ka is on? That seems a little powerful to me, especially if she's attacking a path that has multiple connecting paths.

Answers to these questions or more additions to them would help out a lot of people I think. Thank you.

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