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Stereotypic "Targ Burn" Cardlist/Decklist?

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Is there a 'standard' Targ Burn list, or at least a list of the standard-included cards?  I've been trying to put something together to test against, and it seems like there are a hundred different flavors.  Ambush.  Attachments.  Swarm/Events.  Agenda/No Agenda.  Yadda.


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Well, no.

There are different themes, that can be played with burn. I guess most important are:

- Summer (e.g. Fields of Fire, Dragon Knight)

- Shadow (e.g. Dragon Pitt, Shadow Cards killing stuff)

- Ambush (e.g. Flamed Kissed, Harried by Dragons, Magister Illyrio)


And there are some stand alone cards (e.g. Barristan Selmy). The mix of two or three of these themes makes a good burn deck. In my opinion most important thing is the agenda. Knights of the Hollow Hill will slow your deck down, so these decks are late comers. Kings of summer can be very fast and gives you a card advantage, which is very useful in Targaryen decks, but you need a lot of influence providing cards.

So there are a lot of variants building a burn deck.

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 This is my Summer Targ Burn Deck:


Agendas (1)
Kings of Summer A Song of Summer 1

Plots (7)
A Time for Ravens A Change of Seasons 1
Threat from the North Princes of the Sun 1
Regroup Kings of the Storm 1
Rule by Decree Core Set 1
At the Gates Gates of the Citadel 1
A Song of Summer A Song of Summer 1
Outwit The Isle of Ravens 1

Characters (31)
Pyat Pree Queen of the Dragons 1
Kraznys mo Nakloz The Raven's Song 1
Magister Illyrio Valar Morghulis 1
Lyanna Stark On Dangerous Grounds 1
Bandit of Summer Refugees of War 1
Archmaester Marwyn Chasing Dragons 1
Ser Jorah Mormont Where Loyalty Lies 1
Khal Drogo Core Set 1
Gilly Refugees of War 1
Sellsword Deserter Chasing Dragons 1
Daario Naharis Where Loyalty Lies 1
Drogon Core Set 1
Red Warlock A Song of Summer 3
Dragon Thief Ancient Enemies 2
Shadow Seer Forging the Chain 1
Street Waif Time of Trials 1
Dragon Knight Trial by Combat 3
Xaro Xoan Daxos Core Set 1
Carrion Bird The Winds of Winter 1
Brown Ben Plumm Core Set 1
Shadow Parasite Here to Serve 2
King's Landing Assassin Secrets and Spies 1
The Titan's Bastard Core Set 1
Maester Aemon A Change of Seasons 1
Advisor to the Crown Queen of the Dragons 1

Events (8)
Forever Burning Core Set 2
Incinerate Valar Morghulis 3
Field of Fire Queen of the Dragons 2
The Hatchlings' Feast A Sword in the Darkness 1

Locations (14)
Lady Daenerys's Chambers Core Set 1
Mereen Tourney Grounds On Dangerous Grounds 1
Myrish Villa Queen of the Dragons 2
Summer Sea Queen of the Dragons 3
The Inn of the Kneeling Man Forging the Chain 1
Khal Drogo's Tent Queen of the Dragons 1
Eastern Fiefdoms Queen of the Dragons 3
The Red Keep Tales from the Red Keep 1
Meraxes Trial by Combat 1

Attachments (7)
Flame-Kissed Core Set 1
Black Raven A Song of Summer 2
Pyromancer's Cache War of the Five Kings 1
Dragon Skull City of Secrets 1
Unburnt Queen of the Dragons 1
Bastard Lions of the Rock 1

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I really like that list!

I've been playing around with 6 different lists I've found, and realized a couple things (feel free to correct me if I missed something):

1)  Maester's Path:  Any deck that can use the Path is a good deck.  Simply put, if I can thin my deck by even one card (Valyrian Steel Link) AND gain card drawing tool, I'm in.  At the Gates on turn 1 with a single Linked Advisor should net 3 cards (Maester, Chain, Draw 1) minimum.  That being said, the addition of Pale Steel Link for free Harried by Dragons, a Bronze Link for recursion, a Lead Link for burn, a Steel Link for interaction with Aegon's Hill or Red Keep, or even a Tin Link for Maester control all add up to good builds.  Got it, it's good.  But . . . .

2)  Knights of the Hollow Hill:  Increased Gold, Increased Influence, Increased Initiative.  Yep, those are excellent reasons to play it, especially with all the Ambush.  But every time I hear/read that someone auto-lost because of a bad flop, bad mulligan, or simply being down too many cards in comparison to the opponent . . . I end up pulling my decklist apart.

3)  Summer.  Easy to build, easy to support, not a lot of Raven Hate in the metagame right now (at least around here) and cards like Dragon Knight, Summer Encampment, Red Warlock, even Aemon, make building it automatic.  But are Jorah and Daario enough to win games?

4)  No Ageneda:  Two words.  F'ing Griff.  That is all.


So now the question becomes, what is the "right" play here?  They all have merit, they're all playable, they've all got their own pros/cons.

Discuss . . .

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