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The History of Fan Cove

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I'm just leaving this here so I can link to it when I need to for my topics.


HIstory of Fan Cove from the Rememberance Wall of the Great Merchantile Building

773.M19 The Coming of Man: Humanity arrives on this wild, giant tree covered planet and names it Fan Cove. They begin to push back the planets wild spaces.

145.M20 The Meeting: A being, now known as the Voice of Geliom, meets the human colonists of Fan Cove and negotiations are started. The Geliom offers his knowledge and ability in exchange for peace with his new neighbors.

853.M24 The Battle of Once Friends: The human's old allies, known as Iron Men turn on the citizens of Fan Cove. Geliom wars with the Iron ones to protect the remaining humans and turns the metal menace away.

989.M25 The Long Silence Begins: All communication with worlds beyond the Confluence of Ristan is lost. Fan Cove falls into darkness with no contact possible to the outside Galaxy.

434.M28 Cove Wheat: The first hybrid Fan Cove wheat is born from the scientists of humanity and Geliom. Food is now plentiful.

950.M30 The Coming of the Lion and the Wolf: Two great beings of humanity arrive over Fan Cove with a great fleet, breaking the long Silence. Geliom and man hail them as saviors. Negotiations are started for Fan Cove to join the new Galactic Imperium.

955.M30 The Emperor Arrives: The Great Golden Man comes to Fan Cove to meet with the Geliom and finalize the great treaty between races. Fan Cove joins the Imperium proper and sets tithes as an agricultural stronghold.

110.M31 The Harvest: Fan Cove exceeds tithing quotas for the first time, providing 50% more foodstuffs than required by the administration of the Imperium.

490.M31 Word of the Fall: News always slow to arrive at Fan Cove's door the populace is stunned to learn of the turning of many great ones and the fall of the Great Golden Man some centuries before. Contact is rekindled with the Warriors of the Wolf and from them come recommendations that the Geliom hide its involvement in the new reforming Imperium.

560.M31 War of the Beast: In one of many reported Ork outbreaks of mid M31 Fan Cove is brought under attack by Orks. Forces of the Imperium blunt the attacks, while the Geliom secretly sabotages Ork reproduction on the planet. The war ends in four years and Imperial troops are withdrawn.

289.M32 Darkness Falls: The Death anomaly pulses for the first time in eight million years. Contact with the astronomicon is lost across local space and most of the once thriving sector is lost to the general imperium. Anarchy and lawlessness tears much of the area around the Ristan Confluence apart. Fan Cove is left untouched, it's continued supply of food all the more necessary without the Imperium.

503.M34 The lost Child: Warriors of the Wolf arrive on Fan Cove in accordance to the pacts of unity. The war host of Geliom travels forth with the Warriors of the Wolf to battle a corrupted Geliom named Ouroboris. The Geliom learns of many new beasts of war from his embattled sister before her defeat.

596.M34 New Cove Wheat: Fueled by greater need for food in the surrounding area Fan Cove wheat is improved. Much of Fan Cove is now covered by food growing plants. Only a few areas of the ancient forest remain.

932.M36 Quotas Exceeded: Fan Cove's production now exceeds the needs of the Moesby Hive world, Ristan Confluence and Triton Conglomeration. New development continues. All nearby micro-empires expand on the bounty of Fan Cove.

998.M36 The Coming of Abidel: The first recorded contact between the warrior of the Lion Abidel and the Geliom since M31 occurs. Geliom is pleased to see that the normally short lived human has exceeded his years so greatly. Fan Cove is added to the Apocrypha of Abidel and to the new great map.

333.M37 Cove Wheat Mark II: Fan Cove Wheat Mark II is created. A lesser strain than the older Mark I wheat, but considered less of a moral contagion, Mark II wheat allows for planting outside the soil of Fan Cove. Subsidiary planets are planted with Cove II wheat.

344.M37 Cove Wheat Conquers: As of this year Cove Wheat II is the only wheat in general production amongst the Micro-Empires.  Fan Cove branches out to the breeding and raising of meat animals including Grox and Ancient Bovine.

950.M37 Death Receeds: The great shroud of death, so long covering the entirety of the old lands begins to receed. Within 500 years only the systems of the Ristan Confulence are coated by it's darkness.

698.M38 Cometh the Crusade: Near its end the great and mighty ClockWork Crusade enters and claims a number of local worlds under the cloak of Death, calling them the Ristan Subsector. A covert side mission of the Crusade, led by Abidel himself, recontacts Fan Cove, bringing it secretly back into the fold of Imperium and reestablishing all the Coves contracts with what is now the Abidel Sector.

001.M39 The Reign of Peace: With the final stabilization of the Abidel Sector's governance, its military and its commercial lanes a period of unprecidented peace descends upon the area. Fan Cove is free to provide and grow wealthy.

350.M40 Renovations Complete: Much of the overt above ground machinery of Fan Cove is moved underground and connected by radial tunnels. Human settlements become smaller and nomadic but more efficient. Fan Cove succeeds in providing seventeen harvests that year, more than ever before.

589.M41 Birth of the Abidelson: With the help of Geliom the great Abidel's genetics are used and improved to facilitate the natural birth of a son. This son of the great is immediately put through rigorous training. Geliom is saddened by the intensity of the ordeal the young Abidelson is put through.  One hundred years later the Abidelson is sent on mission across the galaxy by his father.

750.M41 The Confusion: The signal of a new member of the race emerges, yet is strange because it matches the signal of Ouroboris. Many of the brothers and sisters are thrown into confusion. Reports that the new member has engaged in outright war with the Imperium throw the race into an argument still ongoing today.

943.M41 The Loss of Abidel: The great Abidel returns to the Warriors of the Lion. His fate is currently unknown.

944.M41 Return of the Abidelson: Taking over his father's place the son of Abidel is initially reluctant to renew treaties with Geliom over his experiences in the far side of the galaxy. Much renegotiation and renewed tenets of faith are required before he is calmed.

965.M41 Invasion of Chaos: Much of the Abidel sector is overrun by the fleets of Abbadon the Despoiler. Quotas are upset as many supply lines become irregular or downright dangerous. Fortunately Chaos forces are defeated by the work of the Abidelson before they can find Fan Cove.  

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