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Shooting into close combat

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Close Combat is ruled absolutely differently than in camparable games like Warhammer 40K.

Close Combat is handled like any other attack (shot) with two differences:

- in CC you cannot divide your attacks, but must concentrate on a single enemy unit
- Reactions against CC is limited:
           - You cannot take a movement reaction
           - You can only react by attacking back with © weapons

This means:
You can leave CC whenever your unit is activated.
You can shoot at enemies you are in CC with.
You can shoot at a unit attacking your unit with any other unit following the normal rules.

So, being attacked in Close Combat just restrict your options to reaction and that’s it.

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bsantucci said:

 If you are in CC and you want to leave on your activation, does your opponent get to CC with you as part of his reaction?



Yes if you move out during the unit phase and your opponent's unit has neither a reaction or suppression marker on their unit. 



bsantucci said:


 Also, as I understand it, if your unit is in CC range of the other unit, you can not fire ranged weapons whatsoever?



False. You may fire your ranged weapons anytime you like except as a reaction to CC.

In DW, CC is an action, not a condition. Once the CC action and any reaction is over, the CC is over. 

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