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Descent House Rules

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1. Death and Resurrection
Slain heroes do not return to town. Their corpses stay in the square
where they fell, with all of their equipment and gold. Another adjacent
hero may spend 2 movement and use two Healing Potions to return a
slain hero to life with 1 health and 0 fatigue, or spend 1 movement and
use a Crystal of Tival or Amulet of Healing to return a slain hero to life
with full health and fatigue. Alternatively, an adjacent hero may simply
spend 2 movement to loot the corpse for any equipment or gold the dead
hero was using or carrying.

A dead hero's player may choose to abandon the hero to take a new
hero from town into the dungeon, following all the normal rules for
starting a new hero. Once a player has abandoned a hero, that hero may
no longer be resurrected.

2. Multiple Targets
Certain abilities, such as Sweep, Breath, or Blast, cause a single attack
to target multiple creatures. When performing such an attack, make a
single die roll for all dice except for the red, blue or white die. This die is
rolled separately, along with any appropriate Stealth dice, for each
creature affected by the attack. If any of these dice come up as a miss,
only that creature is missed by the attack.

3. Gold, Treasure and Items
When treasure is awarded, Treasure and gold are only given to the
hero who opens the chest. If there is not room in that hero's inventory,
the remaining Treasure cards remain inside the chest, and may be picked
up by anyone adjacent to the chest marker. Treasure cards may not be
exchanged for gold immediately, but must be sold in town. Feat cards and
other cards are awarded immediately, and do not need to be picked up.

Likewise, when gold is awarded for killing a monster, the gold drops
in a square the monster occupied. When a hero touches any money
marker, that hero gets all gold awarded by that marker. Consequently,
heroes may now share gold, following the same rules as giving any other
equipment to adjacent heroes.

Dropping items and picking up tokens now costs 1 movement. When
a hero drops an item, that item is not destroyed; instead, place a token in
the square the item was dropped in to represent its location.

4. Glyphs
A hero may not use a glyph to travel to or from town so long as any
monsters have line of sight to that glyph. The heroes must first clear out
the area around the glyph before they may use it. This rule does not
apply to the first glyph in the dungeon.

Whenever a glyph is activated, the overlord places one treasure of the
appropriate level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) face-up; this treasure may
subsequently be purchased in town for the standard amount. These are
the only treasures that may be purchased in-town; heroes may not pay
gold to draw random cards from any of the Treasure decks.

5. Trait dice
Each character pays a different cost for training new Trait dice,
depending on their starting Skills. When purchasing new Trait dice, the
hero must begin and end their turn in town, and may make no other
purchases. The price for one new or replaced Trait die is noted on each
hero's sheet.

6. Skill Cards
Skill Cards are no longer drawn randomly. Instead, each character
starts with the Skill cards specified, and may pay the price listed to
choose and draw a new Skill card while training in town. A character may
never possess more than one of any given Skill card.

Each character pays a different cost for training new Skills, depending
on their starting Skills. When purchasing new Skill Cards, the hero must
begin and end their turn in town, and may make no other purchases. The
price for new Skill cards is noted on each hero's sheet.

7. Feat Cards
Whenever a hero earns the ability to draw a Feat card, they may draw
a number of cards equal to the number of Skill cards they possess in the
Skill chosen, keep one of the Feat cards drawn, and shuffle the rest back
into the appropriate Feat deck.

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