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vampire hunter

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Just a question about interpretation of hunters first ability.

It says, that when she enters a space with instructions to draw one or more adventure cards, AND after shes drawn the given amount of cards, she can investigate to discard one of the cards on the space, that is not an enemy and draw another one to replace it.

An obvious example:

She enters empty fields, draws an adventure card, that is not an enemy, she decides to investigate and draws another one instead, discarding the non-enemy card. That one I got.

Another more or less obvious example:

She enters the Oasis, where theres already a Place card (Tomb for example), she draws one card that is a Stranger, she decides to dicard one card, in this case the Place card, she draws another card. I take it she can do that, right?

And the one example I wonder about:

She enters a field space with a non-enemy card on it. In this case, she wouldnt be allowed to draw a card, as there already is one. BUT, can she discard the non-enemy card thats already on the space and draw another card anyway?


I hope my question is understandable here:) Thanks for the replies.

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Well, the ability reads: "…and have drawn the required number of cards." - If there is a card on that space, you don't draw any - but that would mean you still drew the required number, right? - Which happens to be 0 in this case. So I'd say she can do it.

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