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Is this something for me?

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Usually, I don´t have any problem making up my mind and this game looks really interesting. That said, I´ve seen a couple of reviews saying that you should really play it with six gamers and most times we are only four in my gaming group (sometimes five).

So, you who really enjoy this game, is it still good with four players or is it just ok compared to six players?

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 I'd suggest to try something else. Although others might disagree.


3 players - Meh… No alliances, just luck, or Sol digging in. (Played 2 times)

4 players - Since Sol only have to hold 1 stronghold, it's still imbalanced. As well as the expererience wasn't so good. (Played 3 times)

5 players - I played it 3 times with 5, the result was always the same - 3 v 2, with 3 player alliance winning it in 3-5th round.

6 players - Only amount of players, I'll play this game again. Previously I didn't have enough players, now I've played 5-6 times with 6 players, it's at least for us completely different.


I agree with my local boardgame shop's owner - if you can get 6 players, get this, if not, get Game of Thrones.


P.S. Don't want to sound, that I don't like REX, with 6 players it's awesome, even my roommate, who usually doesn't like anything with >2 hours playtime, can't wait for next time.

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