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Some ideas were based out a few books I read. Others were not.

PC's (rank 5-6) were on a Paradise planet conducting R&R and training. Unbeknownst to them, three cults were on the planet getting ready to cause mayhem.

Cult 1) The False Prophets of Hayte, who have been on the planet for several years, were getting ready to conduct a huge massacre at a Musical Theater killing a renowned musical group and hundreds (if not thousands) of spectators. This would enable them to summon a Greater Daemon.

Cult 2) The Architects of Fate, who foreseen the emergence of the “Dead Walker.” A person who was given a gift from Nurgle in the form of a disease, who was to appear on a moon station leaving from this Paradise planet. This would foil the Architect of Fates plans on the moon, which was their base of operations, because the disease would of caused an epidemic that kills everyone. When the Architect of Fates arrived on the Paradise planet a few weeks ago, they looked into the future for a way to avert or eliminate the “Dead Walker.” What they foresaw was the False Prophets foiling their plans to stop the “Dead Walker” at every turn…. except one. And this one path utilized the servants of the 'Left Hand” to eliminate both threats.

Cult 3) A single unknown individual that is gifted a disease from Nurgle, and who is unaware of his/her role in anything.

It started with the PC's enjoying themselves, watching a parade, when all of a sudden a car carrying some beautiful Nobles swerves toward them. Even though it looks like it's out of control, the driver has a glazed look on him. The PC's were able to dodge out of the way, though the other spectators were not so lucky.  Keeping a discrete profile, the PC's overhear the driver say to the Enforcers when questioned “One moment I was driving in the parade, and the next I'm talking to you officer. Really, I can't recall what happened.”  The driver then promptly gets dragged away, while the PC's are left none the wiser yet.

Cut scene.. An elderly pot belied man in a suit is walking around a table that contains various oddities. A broken clay pot, a red shingle from a roof, a small stone slab, a pen, a nut, and other wildly various items. He suddenly stops and picks up the pen.

“And this unremarkable pen pricked an renowned Noble, who happened to be allergic to the blue ink contained within it. After a week of being sick, he suddenly died, with the medical practitioners ruling it as poison. Little did they know this was regular dyed ink, with no special properties hidden therein.”

The cut scene continued from here with three robed men talking to the pot belied man about the items, and finally they started to discuss the possible identity of the “Dead Walker.”


A similar event like the car incident happens again when one of the PC's are in training. While outside taking a break, the PC started to walk back inside. The PC noticed some workers on top of the 10 story building repairing some bricks and mortar and also noticed a discarded worthless coin laying on the ground near the entrance. The PC correctly decided to grab the coin, which resulted in a crash directly in front of him. A few feet in front of the PC , where he would have been if he wouldn't of stopped to retrieve the coin, was a large brick that had cracked the sidewalk from its' impact. The PC also happens to hear hollering coming from above him in time to look up and see another brick get dropped from a worker 10 stories up, which is easily averted. One of the other workers try to stop the crazy one, causing both to of them to fall to their deaths. Investigation by local Enforcers concluded that the heat got to the crazy one, and when the friend tried to stop him, they both fell.

Cut scene. This one had the Architects of Fate talking to each other and to a few other unknown individuals. They were discussing how to stop the “Dead Walker,” how to use the agents of the“Left Hand,” and how the Angry ones are so misguided.


The PC's now knew something was up, and used subtle actions to gleam information on recent and past odd case files from the Enforcer data vaults. Shifting through the data, going to past crime scenes, and asking various witness non-disclosed questions resulted in the PC's finding out a group of Hayte Priests were operational on the Paradise Planet. An Enforcer who was to smart for her job (they nicknamed her Murphy, from the Dresden files), was also watching the PC's because they peeked her interest by being at two places with odd circumstances, lolly gagging around, and then later investigating past crime scenes that they should not have known about.

Anyhoot, PC's finally discover a hideout of the Hayte group (the owner of a watch maker), and raid the place. After killing the half dozen priests and a Dybuk hidden in a secret basement, they gather intel about the group attacking a water purification plant and poisoning the wells, but also some intel about a person they nicknamed “Dead man Walking.” All they have is a grainy photo of two men standing near a limo. This also had the results of the Enforcers detaining them as they left the building, with the PC's having to reveal who they are or face execution. They swear them to secrecy and advise them to not notify the Arbitrators yet.

Another cut scene was placed here that stated the old pot belied man state “It's time to eliminate the pawns of the Left Hand. Prepare the Golem.” End cut scene.

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I had the Psyker PC wake up in a cold sweet feeling a very old yet powerful evil near him. This obviously caused him to wake him his compatriots in the dead of the night, standing guard waiting for a great evil to come after them. Several hours go bye, when all of a sudden…. all of their com-links ring at the same time. It's the Enforcers asking their presence at a crime scene.

Arriving at the crime scene, the psyker feels that powerful psychic forces were at work. It's a beach house, with a large hole in the wall and roof. It appears something large and powerful crashed into through the roof, killed the man sleeping in the loft first, in a gruesome manner. Busting through the door and going downstairs it was confronted by a female armed with a two bolt pistols. The she unloaded both her clips, and still died. Three males, one in complete carapace armour and armed with a boltgun, one armed with a plasma gun with mesh robes, and the other armed with a bolt pistol and power sword then confronted the thing in the living room. All the men put up a fight, with blast holes all over the place, but two were both finally killed. It appears the third person fled outside to a vehicle and attempted to flee. The thing then crashed though the wall and cut the top half of the vehicle clean off, with the man inside it. It then fled by unknown means. No witnesses due to everyone living about a mile apart. When the PC's search the belongings of the dead individuals, they discover that they were Inquisitor Acolytes working for a Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor. This is interrupted by the Arbitrators arriving and taking over the scene, with the PC's once again having to reveal their presence. Further investigation through the dead acolytes notes and data drives discover that the Prophets of Haytes plans may also entail attacking a musical group visiting the planet. This date also corresponds to the same date of the attack on the water purification plant.

Gathering the chief Arbitrators and Enforcer captains, the PC's divulge the information they have in-case they get assassinated as well. Not sure which attack is real, the PC's decide to reinforce the water purification plant with overt defenses, while reinforcing the Theater's defenses with even more covert defenses (like Arbitrator riot and kill-squads staged and hidden in nearby areas, with plain clothes officers being tripled on the ground). The PC's also decide that their HQ will be at the Theater's command center.

Everything looks like it's going to plan, with 2 of the PC's with kill-squad Arbitrators, and the other 2 in the HQ. People are constantly moving and asking questions at the HQ, but one of the PC's happen to notice an Enforcer leave a large backpack in the center of the HQ consoles, try to leave, with one of his buddies grabbing the bag trying to give it to him. The Enforcer then bolts out of the room with the PC yelling “BOMB!” followed by a large explosion going off. And so the anarchy commences. Cultists on the catwalks above the crowd throwing grenades into them, with other Cultists chain locking certain doors to corral the spectators down only a few hallways. Brief firefights happening in corridors with the cultists rolling grenades at Enforces staged in the open, followed by a marco truck and several vans pulling up beside exit doors guarded by Enforcer Troopers. Cultists release Dybuk dogs from the vans killing the troopers, allowing a way cleared for about 60 cultists and 15 Dybuks from the macro truck to storm into the Theater threw the side exits. All of this with camera's down and coms jammed.

The PC's finally take the fight to the enemy, storming certain corridors but are soon forced to watch as Dybuk creatures wade into the panicked spectators from side corridors killing people by the dozens in seconds. The cultists on the catwalks are finally killed by plain clothes officers, but the damage is already done. 1 PC and kill-squad group manage to eliminate over 10 cultists and 5 Dybuks with minimum casualties, slowly making their way back to the stage of the Theater. In the basement right below the stage is the cult leader, who is sacrificing the musicians, dancers, and artists amongst the bodies of the Arbitrators and Enforcers that were guarding them.

With two PC's trying to stop the Dybuks from slaughtering too many civilians, the other 2 try to make their way to the stage where most of the cultists seemed to be heading toward. One PC finally makes it outside and orders the Arbitrators and Enforcers there to open up more exits so people can flee the building faster. The other PC makes his way to a few Dybuks intertwined with the civilians, killing them. Under the stage the sacrifices are complete and the cultist priestess cuts the heart out of the doped psyker they brought, finalizing the ritual. All the 2 PC's at the stage see are about 30 cultists and 2 Dybuks duking it out with plain clothes officers in the benches and catwalks (with the cultists winning), with bloody symbols painted on the stage that hurt the eyes to look at. And then a flash of purple warp fire covers the stage, and an enormous centipede warp daemon with 4 leathery skinned wings, dozens of tentacles, and a huge mouth that could swallow a car whole emerges through the rift. All of the cultists either bow down in submission or flee in terror, with the Enforcers doing the later, and the kill-squad troopers pissing themselves but rallying behind the PC's devotional inspired words.

The rift closes, the enormous centipede thing is sitting on the stage for second until the weight crushes the stage (which knocks out the priestess after burning a fate point, though she knew the wrong daemon was summoned somehow.) The daemon then picks up a Dybuk and eats it, to the horror of the cultists. A few who are nearby the daemon also get picked up, before the remaining realize something is wrong and start to flee. All the while the PC's are shooting at the thing and killing the few cultists near them. The PC's in the corridors finally mop up the remaining Dybuks and cultists that were causing mayhem, and storm the Thearer's stage to assist the other two PC's. All of the Enforcers fled while the Arbitrator kill-squads and riot squads mostly hold fast with the PC's help. After a grueling battle with most of the Arbitrators dead/dying and a few fate points burned, the battle was won. Mopping up the remaining cultists nets a few cult leaders, and since none of them witness the priestess they have no idea what they look like other than a few passing descriptions from the cultists (and even then it can't be entirely trusted).

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A few weeks go by with the PC's eradicating a few more cultist cells and arms dealers that supplied them, when the PC's are finally ready to leave. While at the Starport the PC's had a deja vu moment when a limo pulls up, a Noble gets out with an aide, and the aide says “Your shuttle should be arriving in the 30 minutes Dr. Walter.” One of the PC's happen to have 'Total Recall' and passed their int test. No need was really required because he asked if this looked similar to the picture with that 'Dead Man Walking?” My reply was “The car is the same make, the two people are the same build and wearing the same suits as in the picture, but there was no ID on the vehicle just like now, and the faces were to blurry to recall.” Taking a leap of faith the PC detained the Dr. and his aide.

During the interview in the next several hours, Dr. Walter's got increasingly sick and started to vomit up blood. A quarantine was enacted secluding the Dr., while I made secret tests on the PC that was interviewing him at the time. I then told the PC he started to feel sick, and a cough had started. He then smartly ordered a quarantine of himself and anyone else that came into contact with the Dr. since the last 24 hours, including the entire Starport and the Precinct. This happened to be a great idea because several Arbitrators became sick within a few hours. Within 8 hours of noticing the Dr. Walter's sickness, he died, leaving the PC's and Arbitrators 4 hrs left. No other incidents were reported at the Starport, and so far is was only restricted to Dr. Walter's aide, the PC, and a dozen Arbitrators. The Arbitrators soon died, leaving the PC in a deathly state and the aide barely coughing for some odd reason. Within 16 hrs of the Dr. Walter's death, he came back to life….. as a zombie. The other PC's ordered the dead Arbitrators burned, but left the PC who hadn't died yet (because he recently burned a Fate point), the aide who was barely sick, and the zombie of Dr. Walter's un-fazed. Within 48 hrs the PC was reviving in stable condition, the zombie had decomposed, and 2 lab technicians they sent into the aide's quarantined room to gather blood samples had also became sick. The lab technicians were then burned alive along with another Arbitrator who came into contact with them, and the blood samples destroyed along with them all. The aide and PC were put under stricter quarantine precautions in light of this. The lab technicians sent into the PC's quarantined area did not come down sick, so the PC's blood sample was soon tested. The results came back negative on anything, and it appeared that the sick PC was clear. It was obvious now that the aide was the cause of the virus, and so they waited a week to see what happened. In that time the Starport's and the Precinct's quarantine was lifted, and the sick PC felt almost normal. Finally, the PC's concluded to burn the aide alive, including the house of Dr. Walter's and his remains, the aide's home, and the limo the Dr. drove in.

An investigation was started as how Dr. Walter's and his aide became hosts to a killer virus, but negative results came back. The PC's (now rank 6-7) finally concluded that their R&R was complete (or what little of it there was) and left the Paradise city behind. With a final cut scene after the PC's decided this, I went to a Sky Rise building.

Three bald purple robed men are standing near a glass window, looking out over a city toward a distant Starport. As one, they watch a tiny shuttle ascend from the port and appear to get bigger. The shuttle gets closer and closer until it finally veers right by the Sky Rise tower, heading out toward space.

As the three men turn to watch the shuttle as it moves out of view, an elderly looking pot belied man wearing a suit enters the room though a sliding door. He nonchalantly walks over a table which happens to have a brass orb resting on it. After picking up the orb, and once again examing the intricate designs that adorn it's surface, he places it in a large cushioned briefcase that was under the table. He then turns to the three robed men as a servitor enter the room behind him, and states “This concludes our business arrangements. I hope my services were satisfactory, and I look forward to hearing from your office again.”

The middle robed man speaks “Yes, your services exceeded our expectations.” “We are glad the brass Golem returned to you with little trouble,” replies the last robed man. “We will be in touch Mr. Edmison,” the first robed man states flatly.

With that Mr. Edmison hands the briefcase to the servitor behind him and exits the room. The servitor follows behind him while two of the robed men watch. The middle robed man simply looks out the window, off into space.

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