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Faith of Shalya

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Well, I'm waiting for my copy to come, and have a question for people who have these cards. I've been a little dissapointed with the spell selections in general because there seem to be very few, if any, spells that have any utility outside of combat. Yes, cantrip is a catch-all, but it's unstatisfying. But it occured to me that Sigmarites and Bright Order Wizards are pretty heavy combat fellows, so maybe that will change with the POD expansions.

How does Faith of Shallya fare in that regard? Are there any spells that are useful outside of combat or healing? If so, are they interesting?

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 Let's see… noncombat, non-healing spells.

Rank 1:
Soothe (remove a condition from a target)
Benediction of Shallya (if someone takes an injury/disease/insanity, gain favor)

Rank 2:
Moment of Doubt (each time target fails a check, target suffers stress)
Kindly Words (influence target, may not take hostile acts)

Rank 4:
Peacemaker (bonuses to Charm checks)


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