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Other axis allies

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Sgt. Rock said:

 You will probably not see any minor allies or axis armies as this is not that type of game. It's an alternate WW2 where you are fighting for

a valuable resource and world domination. You will see special units more likely from the Mid level axis and allied armies.

So let me get this straight, you are saying Australia contribution in the British common wealth forces was insignificant? I find that notion insulting. I suggest you pick a history book before you offer your two cents.

As far as reasons for war there are only two. Resources, human or materiel, and religion. So again I'm not sure what you mean?

Again Australia was part of the British Common Wealth forces. They fought mainly as Australian pure units under overall British or Allied command. So are you saying the British Common wealth forces contributed little toward the Allied war efforts?

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 Hi, just got into Dust Tactics and loving everything about it

Am I correct in thinking that the Allies are mostly US units with UK (Red Devils) support?

The SSU mostly Soviet units with Chinese support ( Chinese volunteers)

Therefore will the Axis, all German units at present, get Japanese support in the near future?

As previous posts have mentioned, there is suggestion of Japanese units/walkers in the expansion booklets, along with the odd hero also mentioned.

The addition of Japanese units would bring a nice balance to an already exciting game :)

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