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Big Hands

deck ideas

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Im trying to think of a deck that could play trickmaster i think it has potential all ive got so far is 

x6 random heartless/ villians

x3 Trickmaster 

x2 fira 

x3 firaga

x2 merlin (caster/ control)

x2 donald lv 1

x2 donald lv 2

x1 jack lv 1

x1 jack lv 2

x1 jack lv 3

x3 bambi lv 3

x9 random lv 1, 2 and 3 worlds

and some beatsticks just to have them


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dont get me wrong, the concept of building this deck is great, it seems to have a great amount of potential. The only downside is with jack on the feild, even if they have a jack out, it can make your trickmaster bouncible and discardible via Beast and hercules.

As long as you drop out an Oogie Boogie with the Trickmaster, you have a solid plan ;)

as for the random beatsticks, consider playing Mushu, its a +3-5 that can also be sacked to Trickmaster!

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