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Movie Based Random Scenarios

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For fun I thought I’d come up with a few scenarios based on completely random films. That last one really made me chuckle.


The Green Beast
A Baneblade and her crew become lost in the desert after destroying an Orkish outpost. The increasingly damaged tank comes under repeated attack by the vengeful Orks and her commander becomes more psychotically attached to the vehicle as time goes by, refusing to save the lives of the crew (and players) over the warmachine…

40(K) Days Later
A unit of Guardsmen assigned to protect a remote bunker are cut off from all communication for 40 days. Their commander sends a squad (the players) out to investigate… only to find that the entire planet has been overrun by plague zombies! When the squad reach HQ they find a junior officer in command, one who’s gone a bit funny in the head…

Less Obvious

The Man Who Would Be Emperor
A squad of guardsmen (the players) desert from their platoon during a battle against Ork forces on a primitive human world. When they drive off an Ork force attacking an isolated human settlement the locals take them as avatars of the Emperor and treat them like gods, showering them with the hidden wealth of their world. But will they get too greedy and give up the game, or will Orks (or Commissars!) find them before they can make good their escape…


Of Men And Ogryns
During a particularly bloody battle the squad’s beloved Ogryn, Lenny, loses his “pet” ripper gun and becomes terribly upset. When an officer yells at Lenny the Orgryn accidently crushes his skull. How will the squad (the players) save their loyal but dim-witted comrade from certain execution?

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