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I had an idea for a Crisis card after posting in another thread and wanted to see what everyone else could come up with as well. I know that the game is pretty new right now, but seeing as a few people are already dreaming up expansion ideas, I figured there's no such time as too early for a thread like this gui%C3%B1o.gif. At the moment don't be overly bothered about the balance of the card, just think up a cool little curveball to throw at the crew of Galactica.


Cylon Attack Crisis: Scar

Image: Would show ship setup as described below.


  1. Setup: 3 Raiders and Scar token piloted Raider placed in front of Galactica and 1 civilian ship behind Galactica.
  2. Activate Raiders
  3. Special Rules: Experienced Raider: Scar requires a roll of 6-8 to be damaged, flip over his token to represent this. On another damage result he is destroyed, discard this card. Also no skill cards can be used to increase the result of dice rolls against Scar. Adaptive: If there is a revealed Cylon when Raiders are activated his activation can ignore the usual Raider activation rules taking any one action. Also should Scar ever destroy a piloted Viper he now has 2 actions per activaton. Vendetta: If Galactica jumps, ships are removed from the board as usual. But once the Jump Preparation track reaches the second space on the track; an undamaged Scar token piloted Raider is placed in front of Galactica on the Prepare for Jump Step.


Might be a bit too powerful, I'd love feedback for that, but hopefully it portrays the episode character pretty well and also gives Revealed Cylons a new toy to play with.

If anyone else has any ideas for Cylon Attack cards or normal Crisis cards, It'd be great to see them.

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I would simplify it...

Special rules: keep this card in play until the fleet jumps.  Whenever Raiders activate, each revealed Cylon player in turn order may activate 1 Raider in any way they choose (move or attack).  That Raider gains +2 to its attack rolls.  If there are any Raiders on the board when the fleet jumps, shuffle this card back into the Crisis Deck.

Also, the "activate Raiders" part would normally come before the deployment setup rather than after... unless that was intentional...?

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As much as I like my own card, I think that you're right about it being a little too complicated. I like your version quite a lot as it does most of what I was trying to achieve in a lot fewer words and mechanics. The only problem is that it needs a revealed Cylon in order to have any impact at all. I think I was trying a little too hard to make a card to mimic the episode as much as possible. I'll definately try a more simple version soon, and streamline it somehow.

As to the order, that was intentional, but after a little bit of thought, may be extremely unfair, considering the order is there mainly to give the players a chance to respond to the situation before it runs at them. If I was able to edit my old post, I'd definately switch it back to the old pattern.

Thanks for the reply, I'll try to make the next bunch a little more streamlined.

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