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Mixing 1st and 2nd levels

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My first games hardly ever had a chance to reach the better 2nd level, but I found the mixing levels option far too random.  Having played a bit more now with different players, I have found more strategies in getting to the 2nd level and, more importantly, still getting out again.  I had already sussed out the links from the Secret Room, but have now found a risky way to attempt the 2nd level.  Using the 'Blackmail' card is instant exit, but you have to gain at least 4 DF first to compensate for the loss of 4 random DF.

The more I play, the more I discern about the game which seems so simple and straightforward at first glance.  I still think it cries out for expansions and that the 'different operatives' was a missed opportunity - see other topic - but I have to admit that there is more to this game than first appears.  Cheers!

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