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Italian Regional 2012's Champion

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Hi folks. :)

It's been a while since I wrote last time: i'm in the ita's distributor op right now and something changed. Can't play a lot anymore, but still follow the game itself (I'm a translator too) and organize all the events with the help of our community and distributor itself.

Our Regionals took plays this weekend: Agot on saturday (58 players) and Warhammer on sunday (22 players): both events could be bigger, but a recent heartquake in that area and some other issues (money, usually) we lost lots of players for this event… :(


Anyway, talkin' about WH:I; great tournament, things changed a lot in the last 6 months and even if the game still needs some tweaking, I do really like what FFG is doing about it.

The biggest thing I think is needed is a Race-based series of Delux expansion, so to give new and old players the opportunity to jump-in or increase game possibilities. 

Anyway, things are going great and our regional is another demonstration of it.


All the six races where there and with lots of differencies:

- 2 Empires (1 aggro-ish/combo with the Van Klumpfs; 1 control);

- 3 High Elves (1 board control with Lizards + Empire teches; 1 indirect damage; 1 "grove" deck);

- 6 Chaos (4 pure control, 2 aggros);

- 6 Orcs (3 rush, 1 control, 2 Combo decks);

- 2 Dwarves (1 control, 1 combo);

I miss some decks, but the concept is clear. :)

Swiss rounds where everthing happened, then TOP 8 for the final rush!!!!

In the TOP 8 we had:

- 4 Chaos (2 aggros, 2 control);

- 1 Orc Rush;

- 1 Orc Combo;

- 1 High Elf board control;

- 1 Dwarf Combo.

In the semi-finals, we had:

- 3 Chaos (2 control, 1 aggro);

- 1 Orc Combo.

Long matches, especially the Chaos vs Chaos (control/control)…Long and difficult, with 2 great players…2-1 for the winner!!!


In the final…Orc Combo vs Chaos Control.

3 matches (ended 2-1): long pain, slow choices, some luck…

The first round, Chaos controls and closes with regular Kairos…That's it. Chaos 1, Orcs 0.


Second round:

- Orcs goes first: this time, it opens with Lobber  + Warpstone + develop (Lord of Change)…

- Chaos answers with double support (usual) in KZ and the Orc's player laughs in the inside…

- Orc, phase 0: turn the Lord with RDEO: the deck shows double 0 cost Squig, Squig tracker (turns Squig Pen), Orc's scrap…Then, orc ritual for another Lord…Urguck + Fists in hands (the basic combo pieces). 

The chaos laughs and shuffles. 



Third round:
- Chaos goes again with double support in KZ; Orc opens with: "Scrap - Warpstone - Village!"

- Chaos tries to get board control, but the next couple of quest phases help a lot the orc player. It drops: lobber, double 0-cost squig and a tracker. 

- Chaos player tries to clean with a bomb, but a ritual gives the orc player the chance to play a LORD, the only trick he had to TRY to close the game the turn after (it's kinda tricky, because forces the oppo to the following choice…)

- Chaos player has to spend all of its resources for Pilgrimage. The Lord is back in hand…

- Orc players gets 5 resources and draws 4. The Chaos player hasn't nothing to do, this round…Orc player plays Urguck and RDEO…When this happens, with 5 resources, this deck can do whatever he wants. Plays 7 maybe 8 cards, than another Lord comes out and the COMBO STARTS!!

Hand shake and after party for everyone! :)



The deck is a control-combo deck, with no splash: Pure orc.

The "squig" engine gives a lot of speed: it can get some 2nd turn "flashes"…even 1st turn, with a lucky hand. 

The combo is basically an infinite damage engine using Lord of Change, Urguck for his damage/resource production and Fists of Gork. 
It's a complex deck that needs complex choices: in most of the cases, it closes the deal in a standard "control" fashion, with big guys hittin' the oppo and control stuff to mantain permanent advantage.


Here's the list


Units 20
Baby Squig x3
Lobber Crew x3
Squig Herders x3
Squig Trackers x3
*Urguck x3
*Manfred Von Carstein x1
Lord of Change x3
Bloodthirster x1

Mork's Teef Ritual x3
Fists di Mork x3
Rip dere 'eads off! x3
Smash 'em x2
Troll Vomit x2
Raise Dead x1

Supports 16
Warpstone Excavation x3
Contested Village x3
The Unending Horde x1
One Orc's Scrap x3
Too 'ard to die x1
Guard Squig x3
Squig pen x2

Quest 1
Smash 'em, Bash'em! x1

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In the end, we got an entertaining final.

Congrats to Eblis, the winner and to everyone who went there for this funny event.


See ya!!!

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Congrats to my very close friend Eblis, main builder of most of the head decks played by Milan community and a great player!

Congrats also toBenny that was second loosing the Main Final 2-1 after a very good Tournament with Chaos Control (another Eblis creature ^^)

I was 4th on that event loosing 2-1 with him in the semis and 2-1 with Darkast from Iesi in the final for the 3th place.

But i clearly make the biggest surprise of  the event beating in the quarterfinals Gianluca "Stuchk" Stucchi, one of the italian pro players :)

This was my deck:





Fledgling Chaos Spawn x 3
Veteran sellswords x 3
Demon Prince x 3
Servants of Khorne x 3
Pink Horrors x 3 Blue Horrors  x 3
CHaos Warhouns x 3
Savage Gors x 3
Clan Moulder Elite x 3
Swarm Bats x 3
Sorceres ofTzeentch x 3
Manfred Von Carrstein x 2
Blood DragonKnight x 3
Mounted Marauders x 2 (last night choice, they performed pretty well :) )


 Warpstone Excavation x 3
Contested Village x 3


Warpstone Experiments x 3
Unleashing the spell x 3

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My comment came out very d*ckish. Sorry about that.

Thanks for posting! With loops winning I smell restrictions.

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No probs, mate. No problems at all. :)


Card Board Gamers said:

My comment came out very d*ckish. Sorry about that.

Thanks for posting! With loops winning I smell restrictions.

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