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What rules should I use for undead units?

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I've been seriously kicking around the idea of fielding some undead armies (I'm a sucker for armored skeletons), but I was wondering what rules I should use.

I was going to start with some simple skeleton units (swords, spears, and bows).  All units will move slow (maximum one hex), and  roll low.  And I'm thinking that they should be relatively easy to hit, so any green-blue-red rolls will destroy a figure.  But flags have no effect.  Undead don't retreat.

Now here's the fun part.  The wizard on the council (necromancer?) can use Lore to replenish units.  I was thinking one Lore = one skeleton.  Is that too powerful?  My reasoning is that since skeletons are so easy to hit, and move so slow, that replenishment is their strongest asset.  And how does five Lore spent can form a new unit?

Here's another rule idea.  Terror (or fear, or whatever)...  How do I convey the idea of shambling dead causing enemy units to hesitate to engage them in combat?  Prior to combat a unit must roll their courage?  I was considering an idea similar to a combat roll, but if any sword/shields are rolled, then the unit can attack.  This way a better-skilled unit has a better chance of being activated.  Once the terror roll is passed then the unit need never check again.

I also have some Death Knights, but not many ideas as how to use them.



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Straight off the bat follow the link at the bottom of the page for my take on Undead cool.gif (and lots of other stuff)

Simple Skeletons
by making them all move one you'll alter the flow of the game a lot (speed and hitting power are offset), perhaps only having 2 types of infantry, Green ranged and Blue melee and knock their speed down by 1 colour (so blue moves as red and green as blue).  Also having it so any helmet hits will be brutal, especially when bonus weapon hits come into play (you'd be looking at being hit 4 out of 6 times!).  Perhaps black flags do an auto hit?  makes odds a bit better.
Another thing to bear in mind is if its too easy to take down units you'll need to bump up number of flags needed for victory, perhaps normal skellies don't count but pentagram (see below) counts for 4 and death knights 1 each

The Wizard
give him the Pentagram automatically (though it'll only give +1 lore per round if wizard at level 3 as usual), 5 Lore and a new unit is raised on the Pentagram, the pentagram then becomes critical for the necromancers enemies to capture.  If still going for the all helmets hit then you'll need the 1 lore to restore 1 figure and hope for the cards that boost your starting Lore

might be difficult to keep track of who's passed and who hasn't, KISS -1 to battle backs*.

Death Knights Red infantry
A few ideas (not all on the same unit, oooh mix and match unit powers )
Ignore first hit against them, as they require heavy armour to kit them in they can only be raised if an oppenent's Red unit has been destroyed
Able to move like a blue one (they don't get tired)
Make them a 'creature unit' so it can store its own lore. Spend two lore to pull a figure from an unit they've just damaged into their own ranks  (can not exceed starting number of figures in the unit, 4 normally)

Hope thats fuel for your thougths

*attacking an undead hoard in defence of your loved ones back home no problem, being told by your sargent to hold your ground and wait, wait dag-nabit wait a bit harder as the stench of their rotting flesh, hey is that cousin Bob etc

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WOW...great ideas!  And well thought out.  I really like the pentagram concept; thats one idea that got past me.  And the idea for flags to be hits INSTEAD of retreats is just a stroke of genius.  I'm gonna give these a try next weekend.  I wanted to try tonight but the girlfriend firmly said "NO!" (on account of Valentine's Day.....go figure?).


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