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My local Earth AOP

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As i groggily awoke last saturday morning I was feeling really down and disheartened ( maybe it was the whisky but who knows?)

I'd playtested a promo Gen deck for the last week against three guaranteed palyers to turn up to the event and claimed more losses than victories. Needless to say I wasn't confident,really so I made a ***Hanzo***  deck ( he's my favourite character ever cool.gif )

It looked like this: ( the event was legacy BTW )

Charcters: ***Hanzo*** (1)


3x Scourge of Zeus

3x Criminal uppercut

3x Tsuji hayate


4x clones

3x Slash elbow

2x Shadow strike


3x Assassination Arts


4x program malfunction

3x Ring Veteran

4x Binary

4x Vanity

4x Battle prowess

2x Blinding rage

3x Cutting edge


4x KOF 2006

4x Revenant's calling

2x Ancient insight

4x Awakening

3x Dormant for millions of years

(66 cards.)

The idea of the deck was to either A:) turtle up and then loop slash elbow using scourge of zeus and Hanzo's E ( never happened once.)

B:) string attacks using Hanzo's E ( it worked :) ) C;) Control board then KILL!!!!

Before the event I was banned from the event for 2 weeks after choke-slamming my litlle brother for ripping my defender in two.

Returning to pigeon games I wasn't exactly welcomed heartily. :/

Round 1 Me vs. Testing buddy Daniel Bushby ( * Victor* using research notes to mill 10 cards per attack.)

Daniel was my worst matchup, in fact my WHOLE PLAN was to avoid playing agaisnt him...

I opted to go first and over the first few turns I set up a control board tapping out his foundations over multiple turns using Program and Veteran to lock him out. He plonks down Zelzeritch Castle and since I forgot to include Altered mind and body the clock was ticking, 18 turns remaining...  Later on he was at 12 after being uppercut'd and cloned in the face multiple times while I stood at 15, I tapped out his staging area bar one Awakening ( didn't matter it was the only thing ready.) then launched a scourge, milled 10, deck cycled, resoleved scourge did it again and then a third scourge using Shadow strike, he was at 1 after blocking and using his siberian training. I had to kill him next turn or he'd mill me for sure.

Thankfully I did, drawing a shadow strike to scourge him in the face and take Game 1, yeah I got extremely lucky.

I sided in my controlled rage as my insurance against Dan and took game 2 in the same fashion.

Record : (2-0)

My chances were looking up after a depressing day, worst matchup down and two more rounds to go (8 players) 

Round 2 Me vs. My scout.  ( *** Zangief***)

Umm due to occuring emergency this report will be continued soon, don't worry I'll be quick- Daniel wibberton 


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Ok now i'm awake i'll continue on, sorry guys I'll try not to be a repetitive retard this time ( I don't know how to edit posts. sonrojado.gif)

Round 2. Me vs. my Scout (***Zangief***)

He goes first and checks an Olcadan's mentoring? That was not on I told him I quoted FFG to prove he wasn't allowed to use infinity cards in patches, he responded " my patch my rules" this proceeded into a 10 minute long argument and I forced him to remove chain throws and Owlface's from his deck, so he replaced them since I wasn't informed before hand it wasn't fair game on me!!!

Anywhooo he stomps me game 1 as I literally see nothing but attacks in my hand ( bad shuffling it must have been my stacked attacks at the bottom of the deck, DOH!)

Game 2 I pile shuffle my deck and turtle up, he can't kill me since I have a battle prowess formation set up and I'm locking down his malfunction's with my own, at this point he was blowing his hands shouting " COME ON RING VETERAN!" his only out of which 3 were in his discard pile, he then flips the last one and I go double criminal uppercut on his hairy russian hide. demonio.gif ( Zangief's not his lol)

He makes an interesting decision to side into the new promo Gief in game 3 for the lolz, and dammit his E is strong, no joke I had the exact same board set -up and he would have killed me had I not blwon up my entire staging area using Cutting edge! Fortunately he was only at 12 vitality now and I played scourge of zeus followed by 2 clones and he had no blocks in hand but he did have that RING VETERAN?!! xD

Round 3. Me vs. Fellow testing buddy Steven busby (*Jivatma*)

I go first and turtle up he turtle's I turtle. This goes on and on until I play out my hand of attacks, leaving him on 3. I draw a clones and discard hsi hand with TWOP it's over, so we call it 2-1 to me so we'd come 1st and 2nd.


I need to leave now Oh and one last edit it's a patch not AOP DOH! *serious facepalm*

Thanks for reading-

Daniel wibberton

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 well seeing as his scout not only runs ufs but magic and yugioh in the same day id cut him some slack plus its naffy he has only ever played gief everyone knows his deck and he also allows players to use proxies i official tournaments, if he didnt bloodrunstrue would probably have to bin half of his deck. also as far as im aware Naffy also makes it open symbol standard constructed events because its such a small play group that they have limited cardpools often having to trade most of there cards just to get one working deck.


Bloodrunstrue is a known player to me and no offence dan but you can be very pedantic, im not saying what naffy said was right but i feel there was probably more to what your claiming, should i tell everyone about your claim of me and matt khols invented it together?


good report apart from that and i cant wait to come down to cornwall for your regionals with daisy and eggle :)



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Woo, got a better scout now =P  I'm right this minute emailing Steve about the earth patch to see what I can do, but I can't promise anything guys.

I'm still waiting to hear back about Regionals, we requested a date in June but nothing is confirmed yet I'll let you know as soon as I do =)

Dan said I have to make a speech to everyone!!!


Edit:  to Lilly, Naffy himself told Dan that's what he said and that it was an earth symbol only event, so yeah...

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