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New combo to provide infinite resources or power!

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I just found a new combo to provide infinite resources or power. After that you do what you want ^ ^

In fact it is a unit-discard engine based on Return to Glory (again).

The idea is to have three Empire or High Elf loyalties on table and Return to Glory with an unit and a token on it. Then play Elven Scout and Stirland Deathjacks in an area containing Warpstone Excavation :






- The elf enters play corrupted and puts a token on the quest

- The deathjacks enter play corrupted as well and make a damage on themselves

- The deathjacks leave the game and snipe the elf

- The elf puts another token on the quest

- Take back the elf and the deathjacks into play with the quest and then restart the loop!


So far we gain nothing but the following cards take advantage of this loop:

1-30.jpg (to be played before Excavation ^^ )




Of course it's fragile and complicated but it's funny gran_risa.gif

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