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Lightbringer said:

On the subject of Abhumans, it's nice to see the Squats getting a shout out in the 6th Edition of 40k. It appears that GW is finally ending its ridiculous policy of pretending that they never existed. It's like GW is coming out of the closet as Squatphiles. 

Furthermore, they have elaborated upon various other strands of abhuman out there…these include:-

7 sub categories of Ogryn (Homo sapians gigantus)
Ratlings (Homo sapians minimus)
Squats (Homo sapians rotundus) -yaaaaay!
Beastmen (Homo sapians variatus)
Troths (Homo sapians verdantus
Longshanks (Homo sapians elongontus)
Pelagers (Homo sapians oceanus)
Felanids (Homo sapians hirsutus)
Neanders (Homo sapians hyannothus)

Nice that they are happy to acknowledge these old references, other than the standard Ratlings and Ogryns. It's makes both them more believable if there are more than 2 abhumans and I like them because it makes the Imperium more sci-fi.

Seems we are somewhat ahead of the game. But i can't really claim it was a massive leap of logic. I was thinking of adding a note about some red or blue humans (mostly because of a love of Rogue Trooper) but it's a simple enough sci-fi explanation that certain suns promote certain pigments. I wonder if the Verdantus are actually green, or a collective name for any weird coloured dudes. The populous of Dreah in the Calixis sector could actually count here. Was also thinking about some tall, low grav humans, but I couldn't actually think of any characteristics beyond that.

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as humans colonized the stars, some unlucky few found their way to planets with such efficient predators that the population was wiped out. however on the world of Pi-Alpha IV the survivors developed several interesting adaptations. first the regression in the gnome to a earlier form, with only minamal regression of the mind. these feral abhumans, only the males, appeared to be normal humans. standing tall and watching  us from a distance. however when we tried to approach they fled into the trees. this is when the mutations became apparent. their feet had regressed back to hands as well as them forming long, prehensiel tails. we spent several more days on Pi-Alpha cataloging the predators for sale to the beast house, when we found our way into one of their villages. suspended from the canopy, their huts were attached to one another not with bridges but vines. we also observed a very large portion of the population was children. this mystery was soon answered when one of the genators noted one of the females. possessing 6 breasts she was suckling 5 children, all appearing to be the same age. the priest of mars postulated that this was another adaptation to the world where the population had litters instead of single births due to the high death rate of both children and adults. this makes sense, because on this trip we lost 47 guards, porters, and other assorted personel to that planet. 

excerpt from the log of Dorian Austin

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Plushy said:

 The new 40k rulebook adds in quite a few abhumans, and brought Squats back.

Squats never actually really left, it's just the vast majority were wiped out by Tyranids. Nothing in the new 6th Ed book states that this is no longer true.

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