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Dreadfleet PoD… Why did I waste a coffee on you?

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 I picked up the Dreadfleet PoD… Boy was I disappointed, I read some not too good things about it, but I really liked the Sigmar and Bright Order ones so I thought, what the hell I'll skip my weekly treat of frappe coffee and get this instead. I should have gotten the coffee…

First the stand-ups that come for the NPC's are not the thick stand-ups that we got for the other products, but thin card stock that we have to fold :(. I know the thicker stuff is harder to work with, heavier to ship ect. Several cards aren't designated as belonging to anything, there is a list of what cards each captain has access to, but no backstory and no ship related stuff beyond the location cards… Several points on a ship are locations instead of including each of the captains ship as a local or even better types of ships, no rules for naval engagement ect.

In other words, not a good pack. I understand that the point is that I should have bought the board game and then use that, but meh!

Do a pirate expansion if you gotta do it, a real box with a book and so on, no this willie nilly PoD.

Looking forward to Shellaya.


/end rant


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