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Arthur Ganeshister

[Melee] Marshalling 1st turn victory

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Hi everybody !


Here's the deck I played in melee this weekend during the french nationals. I won all the five games before the play-off with, most of them during the marshalling phase first turn. The deck is based on two differents infinites combos with the same basis: one combo ("Mando" combo) to win the game and another combo ("Bobdenar" combo) to look for the missing pieces of the Mando combo.


House Lannister

Agenda Alliance (with the Targaryens)


The basis:

3 Lyanna Stark

3 Killer of the wounded


While Lyanna is in play, the killer stands up each time it is knelt. Then you'll need some trait manipulation to give the killer the NW trait and then the Clansman trait:

3 Rhaegar's harp (the first choice because it gives both traits)

3 Lion's gate

3 You've killed the wrong dwraf (also usefull against Shireen or Murenmure)

3 Recruiter for the Watch


Then, in order to build the Bobdenar combo, you'll need:

3 Satin

3 Yoren's Task (to look for Satin when you have the recruiter or the ranger)

2 Ranger of the Watch (only to pay the Yoren's task)


You are now able too look for three cards in your deck by using Satin's ability with the NW Killer of the wounded. Those three cards can be pieces of the Mando combo or gold/reducers to be able to play everything. The pieces of the Mando combo are those ones:

3 The Hound (PotS)

3 Dorne

3 Son of the Mist


After emptiing your hand except for the Hound, you kneel Dorne and name "Ally". The hound is now a 0 cost character for the phase. You play it, kneel the clansman Killer of the wounded to have the son gain 1 power. Since the Killer's strength is reduced by Lyanna, the Hound come back in your hand and the killer stands. Repeat this 15 times and you win !

You'll need gold to pay all the cards:

3 Goldroad

3 Shivering sea

1 Street of Silk

2 Fleabottom

1 Street of sisters

1 Street of steel

1 Shadowblack lane

1 The Gift

3 Coin mint

3 Golden tooth vault (also remove cards from your hands if you can't play them)


3 Increased levy


3 The Wealth of the Rock



Summoning season

Building season

Hear me roar

Fortified position

Search and Detain


Valar Morghulis

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 Bravo sir, your deck building prowess is an inspiration.  That said… this deck is a monstrosity that I hope gets "fixed" before I have to face it in a melee tournament.

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Looks like a great deck, I've seen the combo before but it looked at first like too many pieces to pull off! I'd love to give it a try, however I'm missing:

2 Rhaegar's Harp

3 Lion's Gate

1 You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf!

1 The Gift

I may be able to get two more harps and a you've killed the wrong dwarf, but they would be borrowed. Any suggestions?

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