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daniello_s said:

Is there any official release schedule for the rest SSU stuff???

Some sites says May 2012, some says June 2012. Any tips/leaks/hunches :D

Miniature Market emailed me back a week or two ago about that.  Said FFG had said next wave would be early June.  If this months release is something to go by, maybe next week?  At latest I would think second full week of June.

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And now Red Yana gets her article!


Interesting that she's a pretty close variation on Koshka. Fighting Spirit and a Grenade Weapon. Only she exchanges Pilot for a more powerful Grenade Launcher, a bit better than Joe's. With this option available for just 2 points more, it really makes no sense to field Koshka with anything other than Grand'ma. Red Yana can really be attached to any squad and will be a great asset, with a very decent weapon with great range, and that pesky skill allowing for a powerful strategical attack.

Now only Nikolai to go from the Hero Pack, and we already know he has the Take Aim skill and must be a Pilot.

And also:

"Look for the SSU Hero Pack and other Dust Tactics expansions to land on store shelves worldwide later next week!"

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Very interesting squad. I wonder if the lack of "Sniper" skill is a typo. But nevertheless, those widowmaker rifles create a very unique setup. A squad that can pester infantry and walkers at considerable long range, though they can't really anihilate anyone in one go.



Nothing new to see here. Just like the normal observers, only with more powerful rifles that have worse range. Not a good trade in their case, I'd think. And they also don't have improved cover. I don't envy these guys.



A sniper squad without Agile and Spotter, but what they do get for the extra 2 points seems worth it. Two snipers instead of one, and the ability to pester walkers. A pity the russians won't get to play with pairing heroes with a spotter (yet, anyway). Also without improved cover, apparently russians don't hide.


The best ranged SSU walker so far, and it seems fairly balanced. An all in one, range 6 shot dealing 16/1 against infatry 2 and ignoring cover? Sounds dangerous.


PS: And these mark the beginning of the quite unpronounceable squad names. Frontoviki and Fakyeli were fine, but Jnetzi, Ohotniki and Nabludatyel don't exactly roll off the tongue (or off the keyboard)…

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1. Ohotniki - too expensive for what they can do, especially when they don't have Sniper Skill. Surely they can damage walker and the infantry but the lack of ability to wipe out enemy squad in one go means they'll be dead soon. IMO no point of taking them unles you have pare points.

2. Observers - standard with shorter range of fire. My only question is where is artillery for them? :D

3. Snipers - nice and cheap, more worthy to take than Ohotniki (I prefer to take 2x Snipers than 1x Ohotniki)

4. Natasha - nice and well priced, though it could have Assault as well.


PS. Am I dreaming or Observers and Snipers have worse cover than usual??? Why???

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Let me say it this way: it's FFG so I'm not surprised :D


Anyway - I'm waiting for chopper and rest walkers stats as they will decide if I go into SSU.

So far my decision is to stay with Axis.

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 And just to clear things up, I asked those lingering questions:

Rule Question:
Do the SSU Molotov Cocktails ignore cover, seeing as they are flame weapons?

Rules for flame weapons do not apply to Molotov cocktails in Dust Tactics. Therefore, they do not ignore cover.

And shouldn't the SSU Ohotniki Rifle Squad have the Sniper skill for its Widowmaker rifles?

The SSU's Ohotniki Rifle Squad does not have the Sniper skill. Skills such as "Sniper" are specific to certain units, not their weapons. The Widowmaker-carrying members of the Rifle Squad are simply not as skilled as a specialized, highly-trained sniper unit.


So, it seems other than the Specialized squads' lack of improved cover, everything else is correct about these cards.

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blkdymnd said:

doesn't seem worth 22 points currently though.


22 is the same cost as the Bot Hunters, so which would you pick if you had the choice? They are very similar, swapping bazookas for Widowmaker rifles (supposedly the standard MGs are an even trade between the increased damage and decreased range, but that remains to be seen). So, for the special weapons, does 3 extra range make up for a 1/1 walker damage instead of 1/3, and only going as far as Armor 4? Weeeeeell……. I'd say normally I'd go with the Bot Hunters, only chosing the Ohotniki on specific scenarios with too many open lanes.

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Dakkon426 said:

 With so many heroes with fighting spirit i think its well worth bring the 5 man sniper squads that and the commisar squadis sure to give them a boost as well.


For what price? Add Yana/Koshka to the Ohotniki and you have 42/40 points unit which can only deal more or less with other infantry unit but without any mobility. Add Commissar to give them Assault… Great… sad.gif


Then you'll meet fast moving Grim Reapers or Lara with attached unit (not to mention any walker) and your great unit evaporates in few seconds…

They are simply not worthy of it's cost.

So far SSU is below average, neither good in close nor long distance. And it's SLOW. As I said previously the last hope is with choppers/remaining walkers.


FAST SUMMARY WITH RATING AT THE END OF EACH UNIT (1-forget about it, 5- must have):

1. SSU Command Squad - decent enough like other Command Squads, no fancy stuff - 4/5 (5 if you don't use Yakov)

2. SSU Battle Squad - slow, short-range anti-infantry squad. 6/A2 and 2/A3 at distance 4 with no FAST skill or anything like it for 19 points??? Come on… - 2/5

3. Fakyeli - would be decent unit if they had FAST instead of ASSAULT. The simply won't have a chance to get to the enemy be mowed down - 3/5

4. Chinese - have a free points and don't have to do with it? Get them to… do nothing… - 2/5

5. Airborne Transport - good stats althought it should have Move 3 rather than 2. Seems to be necessary unit in SSU army but to carry? Fakyeli and Yana (Yakov)? That will give you 88(98) points in one spot… Sound like fire magnet - once with dealt with, you loose - 3/5

6. Grandma - 2 different weapons are never good, as specialization is a key. Only for defending your lines - 2/5

7. Ohotniki - too expensive quasi anti-tank/infantry unit, they do nothing although if a bit of luck they can damage a walker - 2/5

8. Observers - worse Soft Cover… wore weapon range.. hmm… depends what SSU will get for Artillery Unit - so far no rating.

9. Snipers - again worse Soft Cover and no Agile Skill… FFG should leave at least Agile… Overally they might be good when permanently moving and shooting - 3/5

10. Natasha - good walker for good price - 5/5 (at this moment)

11. Koshka - Fighitng Spirit and that's all. Weapon eak, no fancy stuff. If you like fluff you'll get her together with Grandma. Otherwise it's better to take Yana - 2/5

12. Yakov - expensive guy but might be a key-unit for SSU to even challenge Axis/Allied. Great skill but with whom to combine with (See point 5) - 5/5

13. Yana - slightly more expensive but better Koshka. Unfortunately there is no unit to combine with (herself and Fakyeli gives you 48 points with no speed necessary for close combat unit…) - 4/5




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daniello_s said:

8. Observers - worse Soft Cover…

9. Snipers - again worse Soft Cover and no Agile Skill…

It's already been stated that the lack of improved cover was a printing mistake. The SSU Specialists have the same cover as its axis and allied counterparts.

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I'm a bit puzzled. He has Pilot, but no dedicated walker, and no walker has him listed. Does that mean he can pilot any walker he chooses?! That would certainly add a some flexibility to the SSU. Substituting Sustained Attacks for basically Spotter attacks increases his chances to hit from 50% to 66%, which can be quite helpful. Other than that he's a lousy fighter, like Koshka. Not sure the extra 16% chance to hit on sustained attacks are really worth that many AP, though…



Finaly we see the Commissars. Though the big question still remains, how exactly to they operate individually. Does each guy have Assault, Badass and some UGLs? My guess is that the UGLs only come with the full squad, but each commisar does have both skills, which can be VERY helpful to get those short range suqads to their targets and rain unlimited Molotovs on it.



For two more points than the Loth, you get an extra Health and 1 more damage to each weapon, exchanging Charge and Self-Repair for Berserk. Well… while the stats are good, that Charge will be sorely missed. How will this guy get into range to use his weapons?



By combining the shots, this is basically a Hot Dog that exchanges the MGs for an extra Health, but costing 6AP less. I'd take this over the Hod Dog any day, though this guy will also have a hard time getting to his targets.


Ah, the carried walkers! First of all, it's very strange that THESE guys get Assault, but those poor fellas above who have nobody to carry them around have to make do with no movement bonuses. Anywho, this is the AA unit, similar to the Rattler, but witth a very good weapon that can terrorize aircraft and infantry alike


Ah, the artillery! No Reload time changes the game considerably and makes the Nabludatyel VERY valuable! I don't see why anyone in their right mind would air lift this baby, as it should be sitting pretty in a corner of the board, raining those powerful mortars down every turn from round 1. And they even ignore cover!



This is a very unique beast, and I think the one that most deserves to be air lifted around, if you're facing tanks. Against them it's like a Fireball, but for a lot cheaper. Dropping in the middle of the enemy camp and wiping out a couple of walkers with some lucky shots can really break you opponents morale!



Walker carrier. Same as the troop carrier, but for walkers.



And here's where the SSU really shows its teeth! I'm surprised by the lack of range, these choppers will really need to get into the thick of things and expose themselves in order to bloody the enemy. This is the aircraft killer, though it also excels at anti-infantry and is no slouch against walkers. With Air Superiority and Hover, though, it will just chew and spit out enemy aircraft. I'm not sure I'm right on this, but Hover mean it doesn't need to move, while AS means its aircraft Attacks become Sustained Attacks. Does that mean it can do two Sustained Attacks against the same target in one activation?! With a 10/1 attack, that means there's no chance in hell of any flier surviving an encounter with this beast.



Good lord. I pity the squad that gets Napalm rained on them. This guy has all bases well covered. There's nothing he can't face, though he's obviously primarily a squad hunter.



And this is the tank killer, though like the Burner it can take on anything.



And this is… well, this is just EVIL.


Ok, I'm gonna go have nightmares about SSU Choppers now…

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Ahhhh…Safe the best for last… This is what I like…

Anyway :

Nikolai - put him in Nikita and see opponent suffer…:D Good! 5/5 

Commissar - if each of them keep all this skills when attached to other unit they OMG. I don't see them as separate unit though - 3-4/5

Natalya + Nadya - too slow to do anything - 2/5

Nastasia - good anti-infantry/aircraft walker, good range - 4/5

Nikita - my favourite, no Reload, unlimited range, with Nikolai makes it no-brainer stuff - 5/5

Nina - nothing fancy, might be useful but I think there are better choices - 3/5

Walker transport chopper - good but do SSU really need it? Maybe only for Nina or Nastasia alhough Nastasia can walk itself freely with its range 6 weapons - 3/5

Striker - expensice but nice multi-hunter (except heavier walkers) - me like it :D 5/5

Burner - very nice as well (and expensive) - can deal with anything but rather for killing infantry. Anyway me like it too :D 5/5

Air Blaster - tank killer, niiice - 5/5 (I can't decide which one I'm gonna field - Burner or Blaster)

Death Rain - short range means easy to kill, but if you have a chance to fire those weapons…- 3/5


Generally thanks to this new stuff my SSU rating went up and now I'm 95% sure I'll get SSU :D


My list for 300 points games

1. Yakov

2. Nikolai (sits in Nikita)

3. 3x Observers

4. 3x Snipers

5. Nikita

6. Burner/Air Blaster

7. 26/22 points left so i was thinking about either Ohotniki or Battle Squad (I don't want to take another sniper + observer team)

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In the product description on the dust-models website it is stated that each commissar either gives the unit an Ability or special weapon.
So looking at the unit and card that would make:
1 gives Bazooka,
1 gives MG
1 model gives UGL
1 model gives Assault
1 model gives Badass

It is possible that as a unit the commissars get the UGL and that there are two models that give Assault or Baddass.

The Zverograd book implies that each commissar has assault and some have a special weapon.
To get a final answer we will have to wait till we see the cards for the commissars (it is stated in the product description that the box comes with enough cards to field the commissars as a unit or as part of other units).

This does bring up the question "how does Assault stack?"
If a unit has the same ability twice, does that mean they have two tick boxes and can they use it in the same round?

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 Nikoli is utter rubbish, his skill gives pretty much no bonus compared to a normal sustained attack.  He's only really worth putting in a walker that does 1/* damage but these are short ranged weapons so will probably bed to move into position.

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