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Louisville Regional Tournament Top 4

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The Regional Tournament this past Saturday was a blast! I haven't had that much fun since GenCon last year.

We were really hoping for 16 to play, but the Lexington crew didn't make it and a few locals finked out last minute so we were down to 11 people. I want to thank the group that drove down from Indianapolis(Sean, Adam, Patrick, Julia and Brendan). You guys really made this tournament awesome and we will definitely make it up to your next event!

I don't have the official deck lists back from the shop owner(Moody), but should be getting them soon and will post the top 4 when I do. In the meantime here is a list of who won and the type of deck they were playing:

  1. Leon Harris :: Chaos - Call the Brayherd deck
  2. Brian Chellgren :: Dwarves - Slayer deck
  3. Sean Johnson :: Dark Elves - Negative hit point / scout deck
  4. Steve Shore :: Empire - Warrior deck

I hope to have full deck lists by the end of the week!

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It'd be interesting to see the attendance from all of the Regionals. 11 people is an accomplishment when growing from 2 members, but it is kind of a buzz kill that you didn't get the 5 other you needed for a nice round 16 people. In my mind your group is a great example of putting up tons of info on these forums.

Where the hell are all these people who are buying up the battle packs? My local store is consistently selling out of them, then getting more, and then selling out of those. But some older battle packs just sit there on the shelf. Are the people buying them just buying them, taking them home, putting them on their shelf and thinking "Ahhh, now I have all the expansions" then just going back to their normal lives? I have found it really hard to get people to show up for games, for whatever reason, but in my experience with even the least interesting CCG there would be people coming out of the woodwork for even the lowest stakes tournaments. I am really hoping that people surprise me for Calgary, but pre-registration stands a 6. Six. ****. People.

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I think we missed the 16 mark for 2 main reasons:

1) While it seemed like a blessing at first to have 2 WHI regionals within an hour drive of each other, I think it spread us too thin. There were 3 guys from Lexington that bailed last minute. I think they would have been more likely to come had the lexington regional not been only 2 weeks away.

2) While we have a fairly large play group(by Warhammer invasion standards, around 20 total) not a whole lot of them are competitive players most just like to hang out and play.

I have to say that I am optimistic about the future though! We have started demoing WHI at local conventions and that has been more effective than any number of posts on ant forum. We had 3 new players show up this week, all of which sound like they plan to buy cards. Our goal is to have monthly tournaments of 20 people and I think we can get there by the end of the year. 



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 Finally got the deck lists back from Moody. I kept forgetting to ask him for them. Here is a link to the top 4 with links to since is down:


 2012 Louisville Warhammer Invasion Regional Tournament Top 4 Deck Lists


1st - Leon Harris - Chaos

Units: 33
3 X Daemon Prince
3 X Swarm of Bats
3 X Festering Nurglings
3 X Clan Moulder's Elite
3 X Crypt Ghouls
3 X Savage Gors
3 X Ungor Raiders
3 X Warhounds
3 X Sorcerer of Tzeentch
3 X Marauder Chieftain
3 X Esli'an

Supports: 8
3 X Warpstone Excavation
2 X Mark of Chaos
3 X Desecrated Temple

Tactics: 11
3 X Seduced by Darkness
2 X Culling the Weak
3 X Plague Bomb
3 X Call the Brayherd


2nd - Brian Chellgren - Dwarf

Units: 24
2 X Defender of the Hold
2 X Mountain Legion
3 X Grudgebearer
3 X Slayers of Karak Kadrin
2 X Zealot Hunter
3 X Dwarf Cannon Crew
3 X Troll Slayers
3 X Dwarf Ranger
3 X Serpent Slayer

Supports: 12
3 X Contested Village
3 X Mining Tunnels
2 X Great Book of Grudges
1 X Mountain Barracks
2 X Ancestral Tomb
1 X Rune of Cleaving

Tactics: 14
2 X Burying the Grudge
3 X My Life for the Hold!
3 X Stand Your Ground
3 X Demolition!
1 X Master Rune of Valaya
2 X The Wild Hunt



3rd - Sean Johnson - Dark Elf

Units: 27
3 X Walking Sacrifice
3 X Gutter Runners
3 X Clan Moulder's Elite
3 X Shades
3 X Alluring Chosen
3 X Vile Sorceress
3 X Hag Queen
3 X Seasoned Corsair
3 X Wight Lord

Supports: 9
3 X Warpstone Excavation
3 X Slave Pen
3 X Sorceress Convent

Tactics: 12
3 X Bladewind
3 X Chillwind
1 X Dark Visions
3 X Caught the Scent
2 X Sacrifice to Khaine

Quests: 3
3 X Offering to Hekarti



4th - Steve Shore - Empire

Units: 25
3 X Veteran Sellswords
3 X Peasant Militia
3 X Huntsmen
3 X Imperial Drummer
3 X Van Klumpf's Buccaneers
3 X Stirland Deathjacks
2 X Talabheim Detachment
2 X Zealot Hunter
3 X Veteran Greatsword

Supports: 14
3 X Knight Training
3 X The Imperial Zoo
3 X Derricksburg Forge
2 X Runefang of Solland
3 X Church of Sigmar

Tactics: 11
3 x Long Winter
3 X Iron Discipline
3 X Called Back
2 X Manaan Take You! 




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