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Elder Sign Omens impressions

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Good evening,

I bought a copy of Elder Sign Omens for Android yesterday morning, I am running it on a Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S). Just thought I'd share my experiences so far. The game runs fine on my phone, but I did experience a couple of crashes after I downloaded and was playing the Cthulhu expansion. Both crashes occured when I was attempting to start up my in-progress Cthulhu game. Once I got it started, I was able to finish it with no more problems.

Please note that I own and have played the board game a few times, so I went in knowing the basic strategy. I played my first 2 games against Yig. I lost the first one, won the second one. Then I tackled Azathoth. Talk about maddening. It doesn't last long when your midnights go like this: +3 doom, +3 doom, +2 doom, +3 doom. After the 5th or 6th game like that, I finally got lucky and the game went a bit easier on the doom tokens. I  put Azathoth back where he belongs and called it a night.

This morning I downloaded the Cthulhu expansion. It gave me a timeout error while downloading, but upon exiting, reloading and hitting "Restore Purchase", it was good to go. At lunch time, I started up my first game vs. Cthulhu. It lasted all of about 3 full turns. All of the encounters were  very difficult ones, and the game was back to handing out doom tokens like candy. I think I had one sign at the point Cthulhu's doom track filled up. After picking myself up off the floor from the swift butt-kicking, I thought that I had figured out what the other posts mean when they talk about Cthulhu being very hard to win against. Given my difficulty with Azathoth, I figured I was in for a long series of games.

So I started game #2 vs. Cthulhu and played for about 30 minutes before going back to work. Since I figured I was hosed before I even started, I picked 3 of my power-team of investigators (Harvey, Amanda and Mike) and one new guy (Mark Harrigan). I finished the game after I got home this evening. While Mark was pretty much useless after we got to part 2 due to never having enough items on hand, the others made Cthulhu look like a pushover. Apparently the game forgot that doom tokens even existed this time around. I ended up finishing the museum with the required 7 signs and one doom token. I had one other come out, but it was later removed by completing one of the encounters.

Fortunately for the sake of fun, the game started remembering the doom tokens once I got to part 2. Even so, I ended the game with only 8 doom tokens on the track, and all 4 investigators still alive and kicking. Harvey was the one to sink R'lyeh back into the sea, but if he failed Amanda was ready with a stack of clues and the Sword of Glory. If I remember correctly, she ended the game with nearly 20 trophies. I just didn't need to spend them other than a couple of healing turns.

My impressions of the game so far is that it is a pretty good version of the board game. I like the 2-part Cthulhu campaign, I'd love to see something like that as an expansion for the original. Only a couple regrets, the big one being that there are only 3 Ancient Ones, I hope that FFG enables the rest of them at some point. I would also like to see an option to play Cthulhu in normal-mode (museum only) instead of the 2-parter.

In summary, I think this is well woth the money, and I think I'll be playing it for a good while to come. I'll be wathcing for more updates/expansions.





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I think Omens is worthy of buying if you don't own the board game, but I would suggest you download and read the board game rulebook. That will give you a better understanding (or at least more examples) of how the system works. Then you will have an easier time figuring out your strategy.

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