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"More Trader than Rogue" or "How to get the players to stop thinking Dark Heresy!"

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We are a few games into my campaign now, its the first one I have run for RT and the first game I have GM'd in a few years. We started out with a couple of Pregens, the hunt for the Emperors Bounty and the events that followed in the Dark Frontier and then moved onto a modified "Whispers on the Storm" which they managed to fail utterly.


Now my scenarios have started and the players seem a little lost, even with the aid of some NPC crew (no one wanted to play the Seneschal at first so he was able to provide advice and insight when all else had failed). A big part of the problem is that they do not think like Rogue Traders, instead they are playing as if they were playinjg Dark Heresy. For example, launching a boarding action against the Refinery platform in "Whispers on the Storm", they took the command crew and a small team of armsmen to attack and capture the station, leaving the 1000 PDF, 800 Armsmen and 5000 Armed Crewmen aboard thier ship to deal with the void wasps. I had expected them to flood the station with crew to capture it but, ok, we can roll with this and they got pinned down and forced to leg it through the bilges before some cunning and a little luck got them through the vents to the environmental controls, thus allowing them to vent most of the compartments full of enemy into the void.

They discovered a Space Marine in an abandoned Imperial Base of Crusade Era, immeditaly one of the players pulled a gun on him………… After alot of bowing and scraping they ignored any real attempt to talk to him and instead just transported him to Port Wander where (since they phoned ahead with his Chapter name…. The Luna Wolves Legion….) a reception committe was waiting for them. (incidently the marine escaped and is now activly hunting down those nasty traitors! Enemy Talent ahoy!).

Should I talk to and steer the players into more of a "Your supposed to be making a profit/taking chances/thinking out side the box to make money/fame/infamy/whatever" or let them carry on being slighlty bimbly, slightly scared, slightly poor traders and see where the game goes?

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