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Kevan Lannister and Robb Stark ability explained

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Sinfe FFG guys were kind enough for a fast reply, Im posting the whole correspondence thing here.


1. Here is the situation:

We have Kevan Lannister next to green rank Lannister calvary unit. Both are activated and Kevan decides to use his ability to add +2 to attack of adjacent unit instead of attacking himself. Green rank Lannister calvary attacks opponent and routs him, thus using Pursue ability to attack again.

My question is:
When attacking the next time, is green rank calvary attacking with 2 or 4 dice (+2 bonus or no bonus)?

Restrictive interpretation says no because:
- it is no longer next to Kevan
- Kevan can use his ability to replace attack with buffing adjacent unit only once

But card buffs "stick" for entire round, thus this question.

1.1 Subquestion:
What if Kevan buffs a unit that can attack twice and remains next to Kevan? (I am not sure this is even possible, the only unit that comes to my mind ATM is Maege Mormont that has activated ability to attack twice … but she is obviously a Stark unit so … )

2. Now for this next question I am not exactly sure if it applies to Robb Stark "Young Wolf" option or "King in the North" option, but I know one of them has an ability for Robbs figure to switch places with friendly adjacent calvary commander.

So here is the question:
We have Robbs unit that lost all white horse figures and only has Robbs figure left. Next to it is green rank Stark calvary unit of full strength (3 white horse figures). When it is his turn and he is ordered, may Robb switch places with adjacent calvary banner bearer and keep his banner?

The point being that player may have most of Robbs' red rank unit killed, then have Robb placed next to measly green rank Stark calvary, switch places with green rank calvary banner bearer and get sort of free new full strength red rank heavy calvary because Robb keeps his initial red baner.




1) The idea is that the chosen unit would get the extra dice as long as it remained adjacent. So attacking twice while adjacent is okay. Pursuing is not (unless the ending space is adjacent as well).

2) No. The reason is twofold. 1st there is the rule that says commanders don't take damage like other units and the other rule that says you cannot use a commander to trigger card effects by taking hits. Basically you must have one or more figs with Robb to kick the ability. However, his banner does go with him.

Of course the most annoying use of this power is if you can back Robb up with both a blue and green unit. When attacked, switch with the color that does not appear on any of the hit dice. I love pulling that off. Another good one is switching with Smalljon because of his Pursue 1 when counterattacking.

Thanks for the questions!


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This is very interesting.  Can you switch Robb Stark with a friendly Cavalry Banner bearer of a different type, such as Last Hearth Lancers?  Then, if so, how do the Abilities work?  Can Robb's old Unit of Winterfell Riders suddenly move in formation?  For now, I'll assume that the Banner bearer determines the Abilities of the Unit, but it would be nice to have some clarification. 

I guess we'll have to ask officially tomorrow, if no one has the answer.

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The designer, Rob Kouba, replied that Robb King in the North can switch with different types of Units and Abilities are determined by majority with the Banner Bearer figure breaking ties.  Obviously, a new Commander would simply add abilities, as usual.  So, if Robb switched with a Last Hearth Lancer and there was only one Winterfell Rider left in the Unit, then the whole Unit would behave as Last Hearth Lancers with the Formations and Pursue 1. 

It's a bit odd, but there you have it.  Big thanks to Rob for getting back to me so quickly.

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