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Funny orky Stuff - our actual campaign

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i just wanted to post our actual campaign and want to hear your opinion about it:


The Killteam(all max Level, very good stats) receive a Vid - recorded by a servitor skull - from Inquisitor Orion and Watch Commander Prascus,

This Vid shows an assault by another Killteam(Known to them) , trying to Hit an Orc Warboss(Really Huge). They teleport next to him in Terminator Amors ( eight Marines) and the Vid shows that one after the other gets killed in Melee or just disappears.

The Warboss Bash Bretterkopp - so says the intelligence - is going to start a Waaaaaagh against the sector, so he has to be stopped.

The Killteam now gets the order to travel to Lanxess II , and Primaris: Kill the Warboss, Secundaris: Rescue survivors and rescue gear, Tertalis: Analyse the (dead) Warboss to find out what causes that huge grown.

The Killteams plan is an orbital assault(only with jetpacks at landing) in the heart of the Horde next to the warboss. They were brought there by a very very small ship, that is hided by a masking screen(powerd with Decavane Crytals).

So they land next to the Warboss and attacked him. He has Bodyguards at his Side: Mekkboys and Painboys and while they are happy fighting, the Mekks start shooting(with some weird mircowave Beam) hitting one member after the other and those who get hit(no Forcefield, no Dodge) just disapper.

They find themself unconsciosness in some kind of wooden container, filled with artillery rounds. They open the ceailing and see that they are in a giant hall build of stones(40m in height, 100 Sides, with a very big door). Around the container are 4 Giant(2 Meter Tall, ~120 Hits) Squids - attacking them. After the squids are slain, the door opens and a 25 m tall Troll(looking a bit like the troll from bewulf), armed with a pike, screams something like "My Squids, i will kill you worms" and also attack the Killteam.

After the giant is slain, the door again swings open and another giant, dressed like a nurse(!) enters and says:" Praised be Gork and Mork: you have finally arrived... but why are you so small? ... it  is not safe here -lets go, jump in my bag. By the way, my name is Rotz"

The killteam jumps into the bag, filled with giant medical equipment and one giant eye(looking also orkish). They hear that the giants runs quite fast and after a while they cut a hole in the bag to see what ist going on:


After that the hear that  Rotz is organizing other Gretschins to come to their "Secret  Base" and to tell the others.

In this Secret Base( a small building in a garbage dump) the Marines realise that this gretschins are some Kind of Rebels that have founded a "club" named "The secret Gretschin Club against  Bash Bretterkopp. "   They have several demands, which they repeat at the beginning of each meeting(so the marines still hidden in the Bag hear it):

-More Teeth for all Gretschins .... except King Kan

-More Respect for all Gretschins ... except King Kan

-The next Warboss has to be a Gretschin ... except King Kan

After this ritual Rotz release the Marines and the Marines see why they think they are sent by Gork and Mork. There are two Statues in the "Secret Base", robbed loooooong time ago from an Imperial Shrine showing Sangius and the Emperor in Power Amor (decorated and painted Orky style)- so the gretschins think that the marines are champions from them(they had never seen a Marine).

The gretschins debatte how this small champions can help them and came to the conlusion that they have to by a Shrink/Grow Gun from the Mekks to enlarge the Marines, but the problem is: the Club has to few teeth. So the Marines are sent to the nastysted and most brutal Gretschin in the Horde to steal its teeth and kill him -- KING KAN.

They sneak in his smal building and realise that King Kan ist placed in a Killer Kan, so they make a hard fight against him - but finally win rob the money/teeth and head back to the Gretschin base(again the bag of Ratz).

The Gretschins are happy that King Kan (so mean) is defeated, take the teeth head to the Mekks, buy the Gun and head back: The Marines take Place in Front of the barrel,(weapon is set to max grow) the Gretschin fires.... and nothing happens. Battery enpty. So the marines has to sneak out again to fine a battery in the Base(a Mekk Gargant) of the Great Mekk Laserauge Stampfa : a Decavane crystal...


And this is where the adventure will continue next week.



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Wow , That is a tripped ork story…. i wonder how this will end, probably somewhere down the rabit hole.


As long as you and your players have fun its alright right? but it goes against my personal nature to introduce somethign as a shrink ray, for it upsets a lot of balances in the universe.


Still i think its a wonderfull yourney to undertake,. and the fact that plans backfire is fun to see as well. Empty battery… :) whahahaha.


I wonder what will be next… Max growrth… Marines as large as titans… having trouble killing tiny orks underfoot… being mistaken for gork and mork themselfves due to their size…. the grethhin worshipping their foot that reaches into the cluods as the foot of gork. and the fist of mork… some Waagh induced battles might follow. untill the effects wear off and the marines shrink to normal size. the mob, sing their gods return to marines loses the will to fight and disband into small ravaging groups that unsettle an entire region for decades to come .

Or something like that.



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