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npc generator / ways of creating own npcs

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Hi guys (and girls should my prejudices be wrong)

I am currently writing my own campaign, and I like to create my own NPCs, hordes and the likes. I'd like to have a good tool for creating NPCs on my computer, that I could then paste into Word or whatever. Ideal solution would be something like those Excel Sheets that exists for character generation, but just for creating NPCs. If that does not exist, does anyone have a good template for writing up NPCs?

The campaign is a three-scenario long storyline, that gradually escalates in epicness and sneakyness, ending up with the players having a very real chance of dying or earning eternal glory (or damnation). I am doing it in english, and hope to be able to release it for free (provided it doesn't infringe on anything).

kind regards


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Hi there,


I got a Self made Customisable Word format for Characters in the DeathWatch setting, I presume you can use it for NPC''s as well as it will help you structure the information. Just clear out anny Spacemarine starting stuff, and fill in what your NPC can do.

Here is the link to my  Topic called "Character Creation / Character Sheet in Word Format "



Kind regards,



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