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Inquistor Hexx

Chainsword Replica!

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I've been working on this for about a month now and after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears I am happy to say it is finally completed! It's based on the design by Studio Oxmox for THQ that was given away as promotional prizes with the release of the Space Marine video game. This measures 37" tip to tip and weighs around 4lbs.

Constructed out of lots of materials -
The handle is resin cast around pvc pipe which forms the grip itself and runs about 2 feet into the blade to give it strength and stability. The blade is pink foam sheathed in MDF and then fiber glass for extra strength! The details on the blade are mostly styrene plastic with some resin bits as well.

The inscription on the side reads in High Gothic "Imperator Dentes Ruminant Omnes" which roughly translates to - The Emperor's Teeth Chew All.

The Hilt reads "Pax Imperium" which translates in essence to - The entire world (galaxy) is the Imperium, or basically we rule all!

Painted with an airbrush and by hand using acrylic paints and given many coats of spray varnish to protect it on the bloody battlefields of the 41st millennium!

If you'd like to see the behind the scenes as to how I built this check out my latest blog post. I have a build log with pictures and descriptions of the process! You can view my blog HERE!

Thanks for looking!




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Superb job. Love the looks of it.  Now i wonder just how difficult making a real one would be demonio.gif Yes i believe it would be fairly easy to do..just time consuming adjusting the teeth of one to fit a new length..the hardest part would be having to machine/remachine a small enough but decently strong engine for it to run from ( most likely a battery powered one either regular batteries in handle or a rechargeable style built in battery  to make the engine able to be small enough for the hilt area along with removing the space requirement for fuel ) .  We actually have something like a minichainsaw with a blade about big enough to fit that one and small engine…Oh the ideas..wonder what FFG or Gamesworkshop would say if i built a actual real chainblade using the standard template description given in the games books…HMMM…Well..what do you say FFG?

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