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Sallador Saahn House Card

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We just had a little problem with a combat today, while playing.

Baratheon attacks Stark in a sea fight, with support. Total before playing house cards, 2 ships Stark with +2 defense token, 2 ships Baratheon (march+0) and 2 ships Baratheon (Support+1)
So 5 vs 4, then when playing House cards:  Stark shows Eddard (+4) , Baratheon shows Saladoor Saahn (1)

So normally, Stark wins (by 8 vs 6)

Saladoor Saahn says that "If you are being supported in this combat, the combat strength of all non-Baratheon Ships is reduced to 0"

So, does the Stark Total goes to 4 (only the House card power, or to 6 by the Order token, and House card)

Is the Order token linked to the Ships, or the Area? It is not clear in the core rules book

Thank you very much for your help !

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Hi there,

Salladar's ability only affects the ships themselves, not the tokens. Another example of this would be if Stark were supported by ships with the * +1 support; in this case they would still receive the 1 extra point from the token even if the ships are reduced to 0 - this counts as well for defense tokens in your example above and is covered in the Errata/FAQ manuel on this site. :)

Hope this helps.

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