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Hey there Dam:



Here's what the designer answered:

1. About "Start of..." rules/special abilities:
a) When exactly is the Start of Combat?
b) When exactly is the Start of a Turn?

Start of abilities are resolved BEFORE resolving any steps of that action. For example, all start of turn abilities are resolved BEFORE the hero's rest step (or in the case of Sauron, before resolving his hero rally step.)





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DarthJalapeno said:


How did you get in contact with the designer?

Did he mention any hints as of any expansions in the works?llorando.gif




I'm gonna let you in on a lil secret, to get in touch: 

You gotta either kill a bandersnatch no older than 5 1/2 fnords at Beltanes with a vorpal blade (any size will do), then pray to the Ancient Hoary One for exactly 5 1/2 fnords, then go back home (if you still have one) & wait for the email-fairy to send you a message to the following site:

Fantasy flight's for real dot org



you could try a tiny tinny tiny "button" at the very end edge of this page, which reads "Rules Questions."gui%C3%B1o.gif 


You usually will get answers, eventually.  I was lucky the designer was personally answering.angel.gif





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