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Hi All,

I am quite new in WHI but I like this game and I see opportunities in it. In my country we have a very good balanced Trading Card Game which follows very good concepts. You have got three options to win a game.

1. Beat the capital's levels (WHI has got the same as burn two sections of a capital)
2. Discard the opponent deck till he/she won't be able to draw more card (in the WHI we can do the same)
3. Complete some of QUESTS and earn points of triumph. When you reach the winning condition you also can win the game

I think it would be a very good direction to the WHI if they'll figure out something similar if even not the same. It would make more interesting the game and give to the players more options for stereotypes to win the game with defending decks. Like the HE. They even shouldn't change the rules just expand. For example continuous quest can give continuously triumph point that is the written cost on it. Others quests can be completed with requirements and after take off from the board but counted as earned triumph points. With a very good balance the game can be the best card game in the world because I have not seen game Trading game which follows this concept just only one in my country.

Any idea for this?

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