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New ship designs to choose from

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My group and i got to talking about designs for new/different ships and how to handle their creation within the given game mechanics...we came up with the following guidelines for it:

1) Take an existing ship class/type and use its base SP cost and you gain access to what the ship has to begin with as a generic template ( similar to the ships listed in the corebook with some of them being designed as certain types and having components already designed INTO the framework and unable to be removed )

2) As for the weapon hardpoints....you have the total number of hardpoints available to be redistributed however you deem worthy ( but be sensible about it based on the rough ship shape/design you have in mind...IE no putting 5 dorsal points on it..lol )

3) The keel weapons have same arc of fire option as dorsal ones do ( if ship design makes sense for it and GM approves ) NOTE:  Keel placement is a +1SP modification PER location moved to it..so if you wanted 2 Keel locations it would cost you +2SP to make the modifications

Done this way you can have a basic frame remodeled into something with truly freightening ability to bring firepower to bear on any enemies..and surprise them as well...taking a prow mounted torpedo bay and turning it into a keel mounted battery platform ( in addition to the one already on dorsal location)....a nice shock for any foolish enough to test your RTs abilities demonio.gif

Im currently working on several new designs and will at some point hopefully soon put them in a file to the Dark Reign site..complete with their original frame base ship for refference so they will maintain some semblance of balance all across ( since i wont be altering the basic stats of the frames more than +/- 5 to 10 usually..and then only if the ships call for a particular ability moreso than others ( like heavier armour or better maneuverability etc ) So they will be easily workable...just likely with different hardpoint layouts available for the creative RTs among you to enjoy toying with lengua.gif


I would however like your ideas and potentials in mind given the same basic criteria...perhaps we could work collaboratively on the file ( and given credit where its due for each  of course )..Any thoughts/ideas, etc?

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