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Assassin Conversion?

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I've been mucking about with a concept for a character; a Skitarii Infiltrator/Sniper/Operative/Assassin kind of thing. So I started looking for a conversion of the Dark Heresy Assassin, for Rogue Trader. In my naiveté, I just assumed that someone had done it, since the Dark Heresy careers are simply ill-fitted for Rogue Trader, no matter what the rulebook says about 5000xp.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find one.

Maybe I'm just blind, maybe my Google-fu is just weak; Has anyone made a conversion? Anyone know where to find one? And if not, how would you work it it out; how would you do it? Really, any suggestions would be welcome.

And let's not forget a potential Special Ability, if we'll have to work something out for ourselves.

Edit: For those outside the know, I should perhaps clarify that the Skitarii are the armed forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus, very much like the Imperial Guard is the armed forces of the Imperium of Man. As such, much like the Imperial Guard, it lacks conformity and each regiment answers directly to a Magos, and can be just as much a group of bodyguards, a standing army on a planet, a single elite operative, or a cell of assassins. That's not really relevant to the topic as much as it is relevant to my motivations, however; What I'd like is still a conversion of the Assassin career, not a Skitarii homebrew.

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I have one, but I took a slightly different route just using the basic character creation system, except we're using a cut-down version of the black crusade skills, talents and combat system.

Forge World -5WS, +5 Int, Common Lore (Tech, Machine Cult), Tech Knock, +3 Str, -5 Reactions with church
Unnatural Origin- (300xp) Ambidextrous, Autosanguine, Chem Geld, Ag & Per +3, WP -3, 11 IP
Renegade-  Enemy (Arbites) Resistance (Interrogation) Stealth
Press Ganged- Stealth +10, Common Lore (Adeptus Mech), WP Test if captured not to react violently
Tormented- (200xp) Light Sleeper, Jaded, Resistance (Fear) 9 IP
Arch Militant- (Basic Weapons) +10 to Hit, +2 Damage, +2 Initiative

'3-Malice', is very shooty and I've gone with the concept of a slightly 'cyberpunk style' vat-grown assassin... she makes things die as, sneaky, loudly, cheaply and exepediently as possible with her Long-Las or Vanaheim Skitarii Pattern Assault Shotgun (DH-Inq HB) and is about as a crazy as a $3 watch. If you wanted Knifey-Stabby, that might take a bit more jiggering with a career, however just after making her the Hostile Acquisitions book (finally after months of pre-order!) turned up and on page 40 there is the Manhunter alternate career which is available from Rank-1 and would have made it up differently using that instead of the somewhat extreme backgrounds.

That might make for a very effective assassin in the right context as its got all the skills to get you going, you don't bring them back alive very often, just find them and f**k em up! :)

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