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What's New- game mechanics?

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Here's what we know (I think) so far.....

Our 4 player races.....

•Human–Adaptable and generally content to inhabit any planet they run across through technological inventions.
•Whynom–A strong race of intelligent horses.
•Qossuth–Insane and bent on taking over the universe, the Qossuth often devise elaborate plans which require vast sums of money (making them good targets for trade).
•Eeepeeep–Intelligent machines descended from a single toaster that achieved sentience after being stabbed with one too many kitchen utensils.

New mechanics....

Fans of the original version will find the core mechanics intact, but boosted with new options that enrich the game by presenting fresh strategies and welcoming direction to new players.


•Missions–Mission cards provide immediate goals that can boost your fame and lead to awards upon completion. Each player starts with a single mission, and can adopt mission-centric strategies if they choose.

•Fluctuating Markets–Every culture has a market that waxes and wanes on a regular basis. Savvy traders can watch the markets and time their deliveries carefully to sell for maximum profit.

•Fame–Fame can be profitable! Missions, better pilots, ship upgrades, victories over space pirates, and other game effects allow players to accrue fame throughout the game. At the end of the game, players receive money based on the amount of Fame they accrued.


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