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I emailed FFG to see if they have any expansions planned.  Though they said they weren't allowed to tell me if they had a not-yet-announced project on the go, they confirmed that there is currently no expansion announced.  I've decided to try to use the 5th ed. cards and update them for the current 8th ed.  Slowly, slowly, I'll create the art for the cards.  I am extremely slow at this, and will only work on it sporadically, when I have time, so don't expect anything soon....that said, here are the first two cards:


EDIT:  I'm not able to upload the pictures for some reason, and the forum won't let me link to BGG, where I've uploaded them already.  You can see the pictures if you go to Boardgamegeek.com  and search my profile ("zozmachine").  Then click on "gallery" and there you go.  



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It may have been the recently-ish announced Cosmic expansion that Kevin was working on.  Hopefully this gets done with or without him.  I do love games where I can flood the board with creature minions. Maybe we'll hear something from Gen Con.

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