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Upcoming Vassal Tournament

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Anyone interested in getting more play time out of BattleLore but can't find face to face opponents will have a great opportunity to play with Vassal players in a tournament currently being organized.

BGG/Vassal user 'LurchBrick' has put in many hours updating the module to include all of the current BattleLore units/terrain/expansions etc. You can find the 3.0 module here

We have seen more players than usual on Vassal playing BL lately and would love to see this continue. So we'd like to prolong the continued interest with a small tournament.

If you are interested please sign up here

The sign up table is for 10 players but we will be willing to expand the tourney if there are more people interested. We will start with something like 'Medieval Scenarios' and then move to other scenario type tourneys if the interest continues. These tournaments will be similar to those held with the C&C:Ancients Yahoo group

Please post here or pm me with any questions. We are hoping to see this great game get a little more of the attention it deserves!

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