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Dark Bunny Lord

Some NPC ideas

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Getting ready to run a game of Grimm and decided I'd start tossing together some idea's to populate the world.

So far I have:

After his son Pinocchio became human he quickly fell ill and died from (insert something like pnumenia here). Stricken with grief after his greatest dream had been dashed to pieces after teasing him with bliss he went mad. In his madness he trapped the blue fairy that he blamed for what happened and took her to a secluded place in the dark woods where he would build his new workshop. Day and night he cobbeled together twisted lifeless dolls, unable to recreate the living master piece he once had before. Delving into dark arts he found how to sap the fairies magic which he intended to use to bring his dolls to life and return the family he once had... however something was missing, a life force that he could not recreate with his stolen power. It was then that he found a man known only as the Pied Piper. Paying the piper with magical creations he had managed to create the piper agreed to bring him any children he found. Once in possession of Children he began tearing their souls from their body with the Blue fairies magic as she could only watch in horror form her confines, to infused his twisted creations with life. Mindless autimitons that seem infatuated with Geppetto surround him, their free will sapped with the influence of their creators magic. Geppetto's hunger never sated and he continues to seek to bring back an exact replica of Pinocchio, convinced he just needs the RIGHT child, and he won't stop even if it means stripping the souls of countless children.



Brother Hansel and Sister Gretel:

Surviving their scurt with death at the hands of the witch, Hansel and Gretel having all grown up decided to devote their lives to becoming inquisitors for the church, hunting down and slaying the evil denzines of Grimm with frightening efficiency.

(Not a whole lot of backstory for these two but I figure it pretty much doesn't need a whole lot as the theme speaks for itself).


Little Red Riding Hood:

Now grown up Little Red and her grandma did not gain the happiest of endings. While her grandma was saved from death she suffered an age old curse, that of lycanthropcy from the wolf that bit her. She has become a solo hunter, seeking out a cure for the disease while at the same time returning each night to the basement of her grandmothers house with a basket full of flesh to sate the chained beast below, promising her that one day she will deliver their happy ending.


I'll add more as I get them, I'm toying with the willy wonka idea as well thrown up a few pages back as well as a goldylocks spin where she's become a beast who's hunger is never sated and wears a large bear pelt.

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Young Godlylocks snuck into the cave home of a absent family of talking bears when her stomach begged her for filling. There she found pourage and devoured it all, little did she know that the bears would come home and for her tresspasses they would have their revenge. That's how most know the story, but what happened was a stranger twist of fate, poppa bear knew killing a child would not teach his family well so instead he thought himself clever by placing a curse upon Goldylocks. She would forever know hunger and yet her belly would never fill and yet she would never die of starvation. Goldylocks was wracked with the curse as she fled only to return the next day with clever in hand. She slew the bear family and devoured them whole hoping that it would end her plight yet it did no such thing. She know roams the forests with the bloody pelt of popa bear upon her, clever in hand, mouth agap letting out moans of pain, searching for her next meal.

Charlie:Long ago Charlie was invited to the wonderful chocolate factory of one Willy Wonka. All the children where found spoiled rotten and thus unfit to inherit the fantastic prize Wonka wished to pass on, that was all except for Charlie. However upon nearing the end of the tour, when Charlie and his Grandpa where alone did they make their mistake, and thus, like the others, found themsleves being ushered out. This did not bode well with small Charlie, his family was poor and starving and after a mere few years the last of them had passed away from sickness and starvation. He grew to resent Wonka who continued to tour children through his factory in an attempt to find an heir... what right did the man have to say that he, a poor boy who could benefit more than any other not be fit to be the king of chocolate innovations. Charlie took it upon himself to find the desperate and aging Wonka, guised as a personal apology for "wronging" Wonka so many years ago. Wonka turned his back for only a moment before feeling the push at his back as he fell into the boiling chocolate vat. Charlie took over the factory, lacing the chocolate with strange addictive drugs to enslave the Umpa Loompa's and feed their growing habbit. He mounted Wonka's chocolate coated body on a pedistal and kept it in his office... the child would show the world his abilty, he'd make them all regret watching him and his family rot away in poverty and make them slaves to his chocolate delights.

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A few ideas based on Russian folk tales:


Once upon a time an old couple of peasants baked a round bread. As is the case with many things in Grimm Lands, the bread came out of the oven alive, and - needless to say - was less than thrilled by the prospect of being eaten. And so, since he was all smooth and round, he rolled away from the old peasants, escaping into the great forest.

Rolling throught the forest, Kolobok evaded clumsy attempts of the Bear and the Wolf to catch him, and even outwitted the cunning Fox. He became one of the strange inhabitants of the Grimm Lands, rolling on and on, singing out loud about his daring escapes of times past…

At some point Kolobok rolled over a slimy trail left by Humpty Dumpty however, and in doing so was changed forever. Suddenly this once-peaceful bread realized that he hated all those Foxes, Wolves, Bears and Old Peasants who tried to eat him. And so Kolobok hunted down the Fox and the Wolf and the Bear, and rolled over them and devoured their lifeless (and flat) bodies, growing in size and volume. He then returned to the house of old peasants, demolishing the place under his now considerable weight and rolling strength and swallowing the peasants whole.

From this day Kolobok no longer sang, but instead rolled silently, listening to the horrific cries of those he swallowed while they were being slowly digested in his belly. And his rolling rampage did not ended with the deaths of old peasants; no, it was just the beginning - for there are a lot of abominable bread-eaters out there in the world and they must all pay for their crimes…

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Vasilisa The Wise

The Three-Ninth Kingdom was ruled by Tzars for time immemorial. The latest of these august monarchs - Tzar Saltan - had a son called Ivan Tzarevich. While not exactly stupid or unlucky, Ivan had a nose for trouble and was famous for his ability to make an epic adventure out of the most mundane of tasks.

His wedding was no exception. Struck by a notion he should let the Almighty Fate to choose a bride fo him, Ivan shoot an arrow into the sky, making an oath to marry the girl on which the arrow will point out. The first few attempts he botched, as the prospective brides were struck and killed by an arrow from the sky. Several other arrows were simply lost to the winds, landed in completely deserted corners of the Kingdom or hit some hapless animal. A month had passed and, enraged by then by a steady stream of female casualties among his underlings, Tzar Saltan made his will known: Ivan Tzarevich will fire one last arrow and then marry whatever this arrow will point on, be it a girl, a goat or a hollow stump of a rotten tree. Great celebration followed as the Kingdom denizens left their homes, where they were hiding in fear of the sporadic arrows.

And so with trembling hands Ivan Tzarevich fired his last shot. The arrow went far from the inhabited part of the Kingdom, landing deep within the eastern swamps… at the feet of a frog. Deep was the Ivan's sorrow, but Tzar's will could not be denied: the two - the man and the frog - married the next day and the Kingdom rejoiced once more. Ivan's luck held true however, as the frog happened to be a cursed princess. During the day she remained in frog form, but  as first star shone upon the night sky, the green beastie transformed into a beautiful lady.

Vasilisa the Beautiful - such was her name - was afflicted by a terrible curse, forced to turn into a frog on the eve of each new moon and only reverting to her natural form on the eve of full moon. Who or why cursed her, Vasilisa refused to say, but urged Ivan not to meddle with the curse; Ivan, however, would not heed her words.

Terrified by the prospect of his beautiful darling turning into a frog once more, Ivan turned all his energy towards a single goal: to uncover the source of Vasilisa curse. He scoured the ancient books for answers, hired wise men and clerics, even tired using bizarre healing balms of the Mysterious East.; all with no results. Out of desperation, the next new moon approaching fast, Ivan travelled into the great Northern Woods and searched for Baba Yaga The Witch… and there, in the old witch's chicken-legged hut, he finally found the answer.

According to Baba Yaga the source of Vasilisa curse was in her frog skin. Should the skin be burned, Vasilisa will have nowhere to retreat to on the eve of new moon, and shall remain like she is from now on. Jubilant, Ivan hurried to the palace. He stormed into his wife's chamber scant minutes before the appointed time and saw his beloved Vasilisa preparing to wear the frog skin. He snatched the foul skin from her hands and threw it into the fireplace…

That was the Ivan't greatest and last mistake, for the frog skin was not the curse, but a way to combat it. Once the first star shone on the night sky, Vasilisa the Beautiful transformed into Vasilisa the Wise. While not changed physically and so just as beautiful as before, she was now not the polite and kind lady, but a cold-hearted and calculating mastermind. For years Vasilisa the Beautiful used the frog skin to cage her Wise aspect, but now - thanks to Ivan Tzarevich - it was finally free.

Ivan did not survive this night as Tzarevich. Skinned alive, he was thrown out of the palace window by his once-kind wife. Vasilisa then used Ivan's skin to sew a fine gown, to wear on the eve of every full moon, and it is said that while Vasilisa the Wise wears her gown, her Beautiful aspect will not return, horrified by the prospect of awakening while dressed in the remains of her beloved husband.

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