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two silly questions ... + armies painted

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Hi friends  :)


Sorry to come back on these matters, but I have a hard time finding definitive answers regarding these on the forum.

-First concerns splash damage against cloaked troops ... situation occured when a Protoss Reaver fired on a burrowing Hydralisk.

I know this problem has been discussed many times before, but after all this time, Im' still not sure whether the damage should be applied anyway, or if the creature escapes its fate by burrowing ...


-Second is : Defense order.

I've always played without the Brood Wars expansion, and after reading the description of this game mechanic, I'm not quite sure of its interest.

From your own experience, is this really an important addition to the basic game, or is this something you can simply ignore ?


Thanks for your patience ... ;)


Besides, I've managed to complete 3 armies before our next game session, I post pics here (as promised a loong time ago)


Protoss Army


Arcturus Mengsk's Terrans :

Terran Army


And my all time favorites, the Bugs :)

(lots of conversions here)

Zerg Army


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