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Social tiers among players

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Hi folks!

I'm just a newbie and might happen that the question is rather silly so, please, apologies for it ;)

I was wondering whether cards such as the talent wealthy (gain 1 fortune to non-combat checks that target those of a lower social tier than you) is aplicable for checks done among players. 

Imagine a Gold tier character tries to perform the action card Exploit Openning (grants maneouvres to allies) or Inspiring Words (ally gains Inspired condition) and the target are his/her collegues, which happen not to be in gold tier but Brass or Silver.

My question is:

Does the Gold tier character gain the fortune point of the talent?

Or are tiers not applicable among players?

Thanks a lot for any suggestion!


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Hm... good question.


I think I'd allow it. It points out the division in class between the characters. But it has to have some RP backing. After all, the reason your get a Fortune Dice vs lower tiers is because theyr'er impressed by you. Are your companions impressed by you and act the part? If yes, you get the Fortune Dice.

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