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Allneutral/Brotherhood deck

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 Here's the deck i'm currently testing... it's a work in progress though


Neutral Faction


Brotherhood without banners


Beric Dondarrion x3

Lady Stoneheart x2

Thoros of myr x2

Anguy the archer x2

the mad huntsman x2

lem lemoncloack x2

tom sevenstrings x1

Flea bottom scavenger x2

lucas blackwood x1

scurvy cutthroat x2

wex pyke x2

bringers of law x1

high septon x1

ghost of high heart x2

orell the eagle x1

vale refugee x2

orphaned recruit x2


Hollow hill x2

The Roseroad x3

The Searoad x3

Shadowblack Lane 

Street of Sisters

River Row x1

Stoney Sept x1

Flea Bottom x1


Gossip and Lies x2

Make an example x2


Superior Claimx1

Paper shieldx2

wars are won with quillsx1

whispers from the hills x1


Flaming Sword x3

Devious Intentions x2

Bastard x3


Take them by surprise

Into the lists

Focused offense

Desolate passage

Valar Morghoulis

Fear of Winter

Loyalty money can buy


Once Beric is equipped with devious intentions he becomes a raging beast. The thing is the deck is too slow on gold, even with 3 roseroad and searoad... any advice?


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