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Stryxis Encounters

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In my continuing exploration of the Processional of the Damned the players have come upon the remains of a stryxis owned ship who was in a mutual fight to the death with an eldar craft.

The ship is filled with dead slaves, stryxis fleshconstructs and the remains of eldar who perished there. Some of them aren't quite dead though as the Processional reanimates some of the dead in the same way the hollow men are kept alive.

Im trying to think up strange dangers and encounters that might be found on a stryxis ship but it's harder than combat encounters as they aren't described that much. They are traders though so there might be other strange things loose on the ship than just Eldar and Stryxis. The time distortion of the processional also present some dangers.

The goal of the players is to get a hold of the Stryxis vessels warp core to repair their own (xenotech equipped) vessel.

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