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Revised Core Set miniatures painted

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 Hi all:

I have started painting my Core Set miniatures and I will updating this topic as I finish new units.

I've started with the Death Dealers, as I have a very clear color scheme in my mind. In addition, I see them as the "allied tactical squad", so I wanted to have them ready first.

Here is a family picture:


I wanted them to look like real WW2 ranges (more or less) so I have used Vallejo Desert Yellow for the jackets, with a Leather Brown wash and then highlights in Desert Yellow and Desert Yellow + white. This can be better seen here:


Backpacks are painted in khaki, with a Vallejo Burnt Umber wash. Trousers are painted in Beast Brown with a Brown Ink wash, and boots and gloves are in Dark Flesh with a Devlan Mud wash, and then a Brown Ink wash.


Body armor is painted in the iconic Olive Drab, highlighted with Vallejo Russian Uniform, a wash of Black Ink and then another wash of Devlan Mud.


Bases and weapons are Boltgun Metal over a Black base, then washed with a 1:1 mix of Brown and Black inks. A little highlighting with Boltgun Metal, and then I added rubble and details on the bases painted in German Grey, and Neutral Grey, with some Orange added to resemble brick dust.


In some faces I did a little wash with German Grey to simulate unshaved beards and add some character.


Finally, I painted the bazooka in Olive Drab and did two washes. First: black, followed by some lights with Russian Uniform. Then, a Devlan Mud wash. I finished adding some chipping with German Grey.

Hope you like it!



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 Hi again:

During the week I have painted a unit of Sturmpionieren, armed with Stg 47s, three panzerfausts and a flammenwerfer. I have used a "summer camo" scheme for the uniforms, with Grey for the armour parts.
The uniform is painted in German Uniform from Vallejo Model, washed with German Grey. Camo is Beasty Brown with additional dots in German Uniform.
Armour parts are painted in German Grey highlighted in Neutral Grey. I added carefully some Dark Flesh very thinned in the recessed parts so simulate dirt.
This can be better seen here. Gasmasks are painted in Leather Brown with a Brown Ink wask. The glass is painted with Sick Green and Camo Green.
Panzerfausts are painted in Dark Sand from Vallejo Model, with some Burnt Umber for the details.
Finally, some detail on the flammenwerfer
And the fuel canister

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Now it is the turno for Sgt. "Rhino", the Allied Hero from the Core Set



Main colour is Olvide Drab with some highlights, and a couple of washes in black and devlan mud. Some chipping was added at the end.



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 Now it is the turn of Feldwebel Lara Walter...

For the armour I've used a base layer of Vallejo Model German Uniform, washed with German Grey. I built up the Green again and did some highlights with German Uniform + White, to finish with a wash of Devlan Mud.


To add some contrast, I painted the inner clothing in German Grey washed in black, and the cabling in Red


I added some chipping to the armour using German Grey and Boltgun Metal


Detail on the face...


And the hair...


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Seems like everybody has a completely different take on what Lara should look like, but IMO that is the best-looking one I've seen so far.

Hope you don't mind if I ***ahem*** borrow that paint scheme. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all...

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 Thx a lot for the compliments. My Lara is not too different from the official one. I used their example and my only change was to use Vallejo German Uniform as base color.

Of course, borrow what you want. When we publish our works we like to inspire others... :)


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 Now it's the turn to The Hammers. I have used a lighter shade of green for the armour, namely Vallejo Soviet Uniform; which gives a nice army green that contrast a lot with the darker armour of "Rhino".




For the details I have used Vomit Brown as base colour, highlighted to Golden Yellow and some chipping added



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