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Dreadfleet Captain Expansion

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Full card list :


10 Creature Cards
Captain Jaego Roth
Aranessa Saltspite
The Golden Magus
Red Brokk Gunnarsson
Prince Yrellian
Count Noctilus
King Amanhotep
Skretch Half-Dead
Tordrek Hackhart
10 Character Standup Cards
for the NPCs listed above

10 ActionCards
Fysh Bite
Avenging Strike
Inescapable Death
Shade Shot
Conjure Wind Spirit
My Will Be Done
Captain's Presence
Bitter Tenacity
6 Location Cards
Crow's Nest
Main Deck
Below Deck
Captain's Quarters
4 information cards
general information, rules, credits



RPggeek.com listing:  http://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/122040/dreadfleet-captains

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Quick summary of the 10 ActionCards:
Fysh Bite - melee - agil instead of strength. Target gains exposed; easy crit
Avenging Strike - reaction melee - if you or ally hit; immediate melee reaction
Half-Dead- Melee; UNDEAD or skaven, incapaciatated by damage or DEAD - suddenly regain wounds/fatigue/stress and get a melee attack
Inescapable Death - melee - Engineer; int instead of agil; bonus damage and ignore soak
Shade Shot - UNDEAD - ballistic - specrral shot at enemy ignore armour soak; pick critical
Conjure Wind Spirit - summoning spell; summon dijinn
Translocation - rank 3 dark, SPELL -  teleport you an allies across vast distances
My Will Be Done -necromancer, ongoing, SPELL -ally gains maneuver; ally can gain inspired
Captain's Presence - social, ongoing; allies gain inspired or free maneuver or invigorated
Bitter Tenacity - chaos, dwarf; reaction - if gain wounds; gain soak

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To make Emirikol’s most recent post less enigmatic:

He linked to a fan-made book about pirates for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. While it doesn’t have WFRP rules, there’s plenty of setting info on the island of Sartosa, as well as piracy and seagoing in the Warhammer world.

A couple of the characters from the Dreadfleet POD are given 2-page spreads in that book.

  • Captain Jaego Roth is on pages 66-67.
  • Aranessa Saltspite is on pages 68-69. (Turns out she's a mutant, and/or a mermaid that cut off her own fins, and/or the literal daughter of Manaan.)

Both include description and background that the POD neglects to share. In addition it lists Fantasy Battles stats and info for their personal magic items which aren’t in the POD (but which could make for interesting item cards if anyone wants to crack out Strange Eons). Saltspite has two magic weapons, and Roth has an Arcane Moondial that allows him to pass through blocking terrain.


Since I’m posting in the Dreadfleet POD thread, I might as well say something directly about that POD. 


Many of the actions in this POD are very powerful.

  • Fysh Byte is, if I recall correctly, a Melee attack with a range of Medium. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember whether it lets you attack anyone in medium, or if it moves you to Medium range as part of the attack, but IIRC it’s better than a horse or a pistol.
  • Half-Dead is an attack that also heals you, which you can only play after you’ve been knocked out or killed.

Several of the others are equally over the top as well. Overall, the power level of the cards is at the high end of the curve, despite none of them actually saying "Epic" on them. Which is all fine as long as the GM is aware of it and thinks carefully before handing these cards out to the players (or doesn't hand them out at all and keeps them for the 5- to 7- Threat Rating monsters they came with). It’s worth specifically calling this fact out since many of the actions give no real indications that they aren’t meant for PC use.

I’m not just talking about the actions, either. The best terrain card for healing in the whole game isn’t some Temple of Shallya, it’s the Captain’s Quarters from Dreadfleet. Double normal healing, then +2 White on top.

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I loved this set, made lots of use of cards from this set in my 1000 thrones campaign when PCs were beyond the levels core rules support etc. - over 60 advances.


And even then only ever used them with NPC's - you think you killed the vampire, but her bloodswains wail in anguish and stab their own throats to bleed onto her and "Half Dead" she rises, bwah hah hah.


Am also using several of the ship location cards for sea voyage being planned to Southlands.

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