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Solo Variant

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Although not intended as a solo game, Fury of Dracula is a new addition and I just played it as both Hunters and Dracula, and it was very enjoyable.

Chiefly, you are the Dracula player. I wondered if it would work, and it does well. The Event cards dictate well what happens next for the most part. It did not feel like playing against yourself in Chess. Just as a normal game goes, the Hunters have a lot of guess work, and instead you roll a die for random movement to bump into Dracula at first or until an Event decides where he was or is.

When starting out or when Dracula has eluded greatly the Hunter NPCs, roll a die to determine in a clockwise manner which direction a Hunter goes. For example, if a Hunter is in Manchester with no clue about Dracula's trail, he will roll a die between Edinburgh (12 o'clock), London (5 o'clock), and Liverpool (8 o'clock). Roll a white die and treat 1 and 4 as Edinburgh, 2 and 5 as London, and Liverpool as 3 and 6. Proceed in this division of the die for when a random move must be ascertained.

Hired scouts or last-resort use of Sense of Emergency is determined by first a 1d6 roll. 1 = 10 or under in Location cards, 2 = 20 to 11, 3 = 30 to 21, etc. etc. Next you roll 2d6 - 2 to determine the first digit. Snake-eyes or a resultant total of 14 (i.e. Castle Dracula) is rerolled. Example, 5 is rolled first, so Location range is 50 to 41, and then 2d6 - 2 is rolled, which equals 9; thus, Sarajevo, Location 49, is inquired as being on Dracula's trail or the random destination of Sense of Emergency or Consecrated Ground.

As I said, Event cards for the Hunters tell easily where Dracula has been, so once that occurs and a piece of his trail has been revealed, the Hunters march toward the clue or Dracula himself especially if he is revealed. That is a lot where the game takes over by itself and you are left with Dracula finding out how to best flee. When using the train is easiest to get to Dracula's trail, do so.

When the Hunter NPCs collect around your area, you do then start to figure out for them that if Dracula, heading North for example in Western-Europe, was not in Lord Godalming's space in Paris when he then checked on Naples, which Naples indeed had a piece of Dracula's trail revealed, he must have gone to Le Havre seeing as Clermont-Ferrand was his last move before Naples thanks to Mina's discovery last turn.

Sometimes you will feel you need to control the Hunters yourself to best utilize their abilities. Don't be afraid to strategize a little and use Seward best to help heal your party with minimal card loss to Dracula by moving towards hurt Hunters, for instance, instead of towards Dracula. Also be sure to roll Lord Godalming's train die twice.

Remember, if anything would need to be randomly decided, such as which port Dracula landed at, roll a die if evenly divisible, or if one of five encounters could be revealed, roll a d6 and subtract 1 (reroll if the 1 side comes up). For big numbers, just roll 2d6 and subtract down to what you need; again, reroll if your subtraction would equal zero or a negative.

As for variants, I played simultaneously as if Dracula had both a +1 to all his personal combat rolls as well if he had not. He only had two battles. The first he escaped Mina. The second Lord Godalming and him fought. Very one sided battle except at one critical moment: while playing an Escape (Bat) card, Dracula rolled one short of what he needed to tie. If he did tie, he'd have escaped. So, I continued the battle but began pushing aside the loss of life after his potential Escape (Bat). Little wonder, Dracula died. However, a few rounds later of playing it out as if Dracula had the succeeded in his escape, Dracula won. I was also contemplating a regeneration +1 every night for Dracula, but that would not have saved Dracula. If you are looking for a strong variant to increase Dracula's potential, I suggest so far the +1 to his own die rolls. A minor strengthen for him would be the regen, but I don't see it helping him as often.


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