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Power and NOBLE Houses in REIKLAND

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Hi all,

Here is my little contribution for the community. You can download it here and use it at your conveninence (copy it in your web browser):



This is a map of the noble families in Reikland and the economic/political power in Ubersreik. I hope you find it useful.

I made some adaptations, as they fit in my campaing (for example Ludmila and Agneta are sisters, the Holzenauers are a major noble family, and so on...), but you can modify it if you wish (it is in powerpoint open format).

Any contribution is well received :)

Best regards.  

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 That's awesome, started creating a very similar flow chat but nowhere near as complete.

One thing though, according to the Lure of Power adventure Ludmilla and Heissman are cousins rather than uncle and niece. Does any of the canon state that Heissman and Heinrich are brothers, or is that what we are extrapolating?

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Thanks for posting this!

I think I'll use this incrementally as a player handout.

Given how many names and relationships the players need to recall, I've already wondered how I can provide them with materials to help them. With this .ppt a GM could give a player with an adequate skill (and skill check) an updated version of the flowchart whenever the group encounters a new House somewhere.

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