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Official and homebrew expansions

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You will find all my unofficial expansions on www.talismanisland.com. A similar player sheet is available with the
rulesheet of the Alternative Endings.


There are different ways to print the expansion parts. I tested a big variety of paper, foil, printing sevices.
Not only for Talisman expansions, but also for some other professional use. My suggestion is:

- Character Cards: I printed every character card (official and unofficial) with a high quality inkjet photo printer
on special heavyweight paper. After laminating the sheets, I cut of the cards. So every card has the same size and
also the same "original" look.
It is also possible to print the frontside on a special foil and stick it on an original Character Card, e.g. from
an upgrade set.

- Endings, player sheets etc.: similar to Character Cards

- Adventure cards: They are printed on foil, then cut of and sticked on original Adventure Cards.
If you want a special back side, then stick a foil also the back.

- Boards: Print the three parts on foil and stick them on a part of Forex or wood, e.g. 1,5 to 2,5 mm. Alternatively
ask a professional service to print the board for you.
Do not use a Forex direct print, the quality is not suitable for a game board!
I use a high quality print, laminated and finally glued on Forex.

- Printer:
I have an older Epson R800 inkjet printer (still one of the best photo printers available!), and I use only original
Epson ink.

- Paper:
For Character Cards, Endings, player sheets etc. I use Avery Zweckform No. 2581, Inkjet Paper, woodfree, white, plain,
double side coating, recommendend up to 1440 dpi, 200g.

- Laminating Pouches:
Leitz Hot Seal Laminating Pouches (16926), matt finish 125 mic.

- Foil:
Data Becker Inkjet Foil 0578, PVC, bright white, self-adhesive, wheatherproof, quick dry, recommendend up to 5760 dpi,
scratch-resistant etc.

If you want to have perfect cards and boards, it is nescessary to have all printed professional. This is very expensive
and it's hard to find a professional service, which is able to print cards looking like original FFG Talisman Cards.
With the boards it is a little bit easier, if you find an online photo service which offers digital service on Forex.

I hope this was your question!

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 Whats the name of all you homebrew expansions. I find all but one on talismanisland.





alternative endings


whats the missing one? It´s the box between timescape and darkland

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