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Player Meetup Megathread

100 posts in this topic

Having recently tried (and failed), to find any local players via FFG's "Friends Finder," and inspired by other players' threads cropping up from time to time asking if anyone lives near them, I figured it might be useful to instead create and use one condensed thread where interested people can simply announce their geographic location, and others can skim through to see if anyone lives near them to meet up for some LOTR LCG or whatever. Each post can be as simple as my own information below:

Yakima, Washington, United States

So, where are you guys at? Feel free to post your info in this thread, and I'll add it to the post below.

This thread has been recreated in the "Player Community" subforum since its original version.

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 Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Player Locations (Updated March 13, 2012)





   silverhand77 (Brisbane, Queensland)

   geristor (Bundaberg, Queensland)

   booored (Sydney, New South Wales)


   Candacis (Vienna)

   Doom1502 (Vienna)


   cordeirooo (Florianópolis, Santa Catarina)


   Saej (Edmonton, Alberta)

   Snibe (Snowy Plain, Alberta)

   Marcuspolus (Gatineau/Ottawa, Quebec/Ontario)

   SiCK_Boy (Gatineau/Ottawa, Quebec/Ontario)

   Rakerburn (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

   Toqtamish (Truro, Nova Scotia)

   Avii (Toronto, Ontario)

   chubacca (Toronto, Ontario)

   GirderZombie (Scarborough, Ontario)

   Northblade (Scarborough/Toronto, Ontario)

   Johnny Awesome (Windsor, Ontario)


   Hannibal_pjv (Espoo, Uusimaa)


   sarma72 (Paris)


   dj2.0 (Berlin, Berlin)

   ichaos1985 (Ingoldstadt/Nuremberg, Bavaria)

   HilariousPete (Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg)

   Malagrun (Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg)

   Mormacar (Munich, Bavaria)

   Vyron (Munich, Bavaria)

   jogo (Frankfurt, Hesse)


   micheni (Patra, West Greece)


   choppic (Malang, East Java)


  Voidy (Almere)


   Felix (Molde)

   mr. thomasschmidt (Sarpsborg)


   theredviper (San Juan, Metro Manila)


   filgonfin (Gandia, Valencia)


   Sumpa (Stockholm)


   Glaurung (Bangkok)

United Kingdom

   Cidervampire (Chelmsford, England)

   richsabre (Cumbria, England)

   Cocky (Hull, England)

   Ohnomycocoa (London, England)

   Mighty Jim (Nottingham, England)

   Ted Sandyman (Torquay, England)

   ClydeCloggie (Glasgow, Scotland)

United States

   Dain Ironfoot (Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona)

   Budgernaut (Tuscon, Arizona)

   hildargo (Tucson, Arizona)

   xbluejayx (Oceanside/Vista/Carlsbad, California)

   TheRomance (Orange County, California)

   xBeakeRx (Riverside, California)

   wraith428 (San Francisco, California)

   Narsil0420 (Santa Rosa, California)

   starhawk77 (Stanford, California)

   Dante99 (Arvada, Colorado)

   Bomb (Windsor Locks, Connecticut)

   Mestrahd (Windsor Locks, Connecticut)

   Big Borg (Wilmington, Delaware)

   Creature on the Loose (New Port Richey, Florida)

   AngryMojo (Orlando, Florida)

   Hastur360 (St. Petersburg, Florida)

   Beast Rabban (Augusta, Georgia)

   erikwm (Rexburg, Idaho)

   hRMNerdBoy (Fishers, Indiana)

   Pericles (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

   Hahma (Lowell, Indiana)

   BillStivers (Greenwood, Indiana)

   radiskull (Iowa City, Iowa)

   rborkowitz (Waterloo, Iowa)

   Gearhead (Garden City, Kansas)

   Moses2813 (Louisville, Kentucky)

   ravenwolf64 (Independence, Kentucky)

   Adam (Thibodaux, Louisiana)

   Svenn (Rockville, Maryland)

   zombipuppy (Rockville, Maryland)

   radioboyeric (Billerica, Massachusetts)

   J. Oliveira (Framingham, Massachusetts)

   Tennberg (Medford, Massachusetts)

   Warpi9 (Livonia, Michigan)

   Mormegil (Owosso, Michigan)

   divinityofnumber (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

   mason240 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

   Grevane (Roseville, Minnesota)

   soupy89 (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

   RARodger (Albany, New York)

   arras (Charlotte, North Carolina)

   Lord Balthazar (Jacksonville, North Carolina)

   Durinlll (Raleigh, North Carolina)

   Puzzle (Cincinatti, Ohio)

   gatharion (Columbus, Ohio)

   dhostutl (Delaware, Ohio)

   Dark_Seph (Fairborn/Centerville, Ohio)

   wrongwrongwrong (Edmond, Oklahoma)

   Mortoric (Portland, Oregon)

   TylerT (Portland, Oregon)

   gamestar10 (Roseburg, Oregon)

   Mattr0polis (Erie, Pennsylvania)

   blumax1981 (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

   conykchameleon (Oakland, Pennsylvania)

   Ismar (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

   Dono (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

   qwertyuiop (Greenville, South Carolina)

   Ramses2 (Port Royal, South Carolina)

   Riccus Rex (Hendersonville/Nashville, Tennessee)

   climber (Murfreesboro/Nashville, Tennessee)

   Frayed (Nashville, Tennessee)

   Troymk1 (Dallas, Texas)

   houtex73 (El Paso, Texas)

   Generic Hero (Houston, Texas)

   Keggy (San Antonio, Texas)

   Avalanche (Provo, Utah)

   Dwnhmcntryboy (Provo, Utah)

   Kiwina (Salt Lake City, Utah)

   crichtonfarscape (Alexandria, Virginia / Savage, Maryland)

   monkeytim (Arlington, Virginia)

   dh098017 (Northern Virginia / Washington DC)

   Howlix (Northern Virginia / Washington DC)

   Slipstream (Bellevue, Washington)

   prune (Kirkland, Washington)

   LOTR Puget Fellowship (Puget Sound/Seattle, Washington)

   Juicebox (Seattle, Washington)

   Grudunza (Tri-Cities, Washington)

   Lightdarker (Yakima, Washington)

   Broan (Hartford, Wisconsin)

   pwvogt (Janesville, Wisconsin)

   khadorstrong (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

   Ulairi (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

   Wes (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

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 is this just a cut and paste job from the thread in the old forum? 


either way put me down for NoVa/DC area.


EDIT: since this seems to be a global listing let me clarify - Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.

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 @dh098017: Pretty much - Although the formatting didn't save, so it was a cut + paste + edit 

I also went ahead and added everybody I had previously missed, which were a few recent posts.

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Hello all, my first post on this forum :) I have started recently and immediately felt in love with this game, anyway, I am from Czech republic - city: Prague.

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